New Urizen players at e1

Hey all! I’m going to be a brand new Urizen player at e1 this year, really excited to be taking part in Empire! I’ve been on the Urizen FB page for several months and the experienced players on there have been massively friendly and helpful with my kit and character preparations which is awesome, can’t wait to meet them OOC/get killed by them IC when I crew at One Day More at the end of February. However I had noticed that I seemed to be the only noob Urizen player that was posting on the FB page and I was just wondering if there were any others who are going to Anvil for the first time at this years e1 and joining Urizen? It’d be great to make contact, perhaps arrange to meet up at e1?

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There always alot that join groups other than imperial orcs as far as i know due to the prep for it, you wont be alone, get to the new player meeting in the hub if you can, egregore can help massively

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I have quite a few friends over in Urizen! I’d be more than happy to introduce you to a few of them be it over Facebook or in person.

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Thanks for the offer! I’m sure I won’t be the only Urizen newbie, and I’m fairly confident there’s been sufficient FB noise combined with the aforementioned player event I’m crewing that I won’t feel isolated at Anvil or anything. I’d just like to make contact with others at the same stage I’m at for purposes of keen sustainment and seeing if there’s anything I can help them out with in terms of prep or anything.

If you’re coming to One Day More (as am i), there’ll likely be some OOC socialising on Friday night and Sunday morning, if you need to network for more Urizen New Players.

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Curse you, you have forced me from my lengthy lurk on these forums!

I am a new player to empire who is looking to join the Urizen as well, but have no contacts within empire (though I think I met a guy who is in the Urizen while monstering at another event). It is good to see I’ll not be the only newbie.

My experience has been that the events are much more enjoyable/less daunting initially when you have a group - would you happen to know if any spires are happy to arrange in advance to have a random drop in?

Otherwise it would be great to arrange a meet up at the event!


Hiya! Hehehe I had to stick my head above the parapet and shout ‘But where are the other noobs? !?!’ Several of the spires on the FB group said they are potentially up for recruiting new players, but they like to do it both OoC and IC, certainly I’ll keep you updated as to any conversations I have along those lines at One Day More☺. I say it’d be great to do both- maybe arrange to meet up around time in then have a bop round the Urizen camp introducing ourselves until we get involved in stuff, and if either/both find a group then awesome! What sort of character are you planning?

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Hey Geoff, looking forward to meeting you at One Day More mate and taking advantage of any advice and experience you’re willing to share, I think I’ve seen pics of you playing a Dawn character on various FB groups, contacts in other nations will doubtless prove useful as well :slight_smile:

Is this what it feels like to be part of a posse? :smiley:

That sounds excellent, I hadn’t realised there was an FB group, I’ll join now. I’ve decided to keep my options relatively open by not comitting my char points in a particular direction (aside from the obligatory magician) and see what I enjoy in e1 and beyond.

On my very limited experience I tend to enjoy the information and politics aspects of lrp but am intrigued by the trading/religion well. In combat I have enjoyed in the past playing skirm and combat healer which gives a little more rp opportunities. So I’m thinking about a ranger-ish character with heavy forest influences from wandering through woods in a Heidegger-esque existential crisis. Costume wise I’m thinking closer to the Lothlorien elves with layered earthily greens and tans - however this is a bit of a pain as it matches none of my existing kit! What about yourself?

But definitely keeping in touch about potential spires/arranging ho-down grouping IC would be great. I am sure much of this conversation will continue in the fb group.

Any other new players reading this feel free to jump in - I have literally no idea what I am doing, but I imagine in numbers we could at least convincingly pretend.


Startin up a posse! That sounds awesome mate, a Sentinel Ranger/Hunter type could be very cool, layered pale green seems to fit the palette on the wiki- what are you thinking in terms of your Arete?. I don’t think magic is totally obligatory for Urizen, but obviously it’s going to be very prevalent. Im playing a Sentinel military historian/strategist with a sideline in Day magic (because Zakalwe), I want to try and crack into the military and conclave games. My soft kit is sky blue, white & light grey, on the battlefield I’ll be fighting sword & board in heavy armour. Looking forward to seeing your posts on FB!

Seconding the thing about other new Urizen! Other lurkers introduce yourselves😊

Hi, I’m a complete Newbie to Larping in general and Empire in particular but I’m working on an Urizen Sentinel type character with Changeling lineage. Unfortunately due to timing I won’t be able to make it to the next event but I’m hoping to get the one after, likely alone as none of my friends are particularly interested in this sort of thing.

I dont really know what aspects of the event I’ll like but I’m looking forward to finding out

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Hiya! Looking forward to seeing you at e2! MOAR SENTINELS :smiley:! Have you joined the Urizen page on Facebook? just search Empire LRP: Urizen :slight_smile:

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Hi there fellow sentinel-ish type! I’ll be at e1 so will see you as a grizzled veteran (in reality I will probably know/understand less than I do now :smiley: )

There are a couple of new urizen players who are coming to E1 who also are going solo who have formed a posse to touch base with on day one. I imagine (hope) that most will be there in E2. So if you fancy arranging with couple of people in advance to tag along with for a bit/meet on day one for your bearings feel free to ask!

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