New Wintermark holt (Holt Greyholm)

Hey guys, i’m the Thane of a new Wintermark Holt that’s going to be created this up coming E1. I’m just testing the waters and seeing how people feel about the ideas and beliefs of the Holt as well as seeing if everything is kosher. I’m also doing a little advertising and letting any new players know that they’d be more than welcome to join us. :grinning:

First of all the basics; The Holt’s name is Greyholm. We wanted a name which would capture the spirit behind the Holt. Grey captures the fact we deal with both sides of life and death with our holt being made up of a mixture of Grimnirs and Stormcrows and holm because we’ll be a Kallavesa holt in the marshes.

Our Holt will mostly be Loyalty based and that fits with our ethos of honoring the departed dead and learning from their past deeds. Our emblem will be a Hawks eye symbolizing loyalty :lann: with the labyrinth etched onto it’s Iris. We’re closely linked with the bloodhands so we’ll be in areas where a lot of the healing and dying is taking place. During situations like this we’ll be attempting to save the lives of our fellow Wintermarkers and if that fails we’ll be recording their names and actions and what lead to their demise in the book of heroes. The book of heroes will be a large leather grimoire that we’ll record deeds in that Scops can gleam inspiration from for ballads.

The Holt doesn’t dwell on the fact Wintermarkers have died but how they died and that they are honored and that their deeds and knowledge be passed on to other warriors.

Any other info we can give out in character at E1. Anyway like i said just testing the waters. If anyone’s interested in joining us please track us down. And feel free to ask any further questions. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


I’m not Wintermark, so pinch of salt, but groups in Wintermark are called “halls”, not “holts”. Also, I’d recommend calling it either “Grey Holm” or “Greyholm”, having a capital letter midway through doesn’t parse too well for fantasy.

Aside from that, seems like an interesting group!

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The common form of name is “hall” however there are other version of its such as hal e.g. hengisthal (the nickname for the fist of wintermark fortification in skarsind) and “holt” such as the bjornholt and “Holt Hyrde”

Once you’ve played we can update the Prominent halls page

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Ah just a typo, thanks for pointing that out!

Sure, but the game term is hall.

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