Newspaper in weapon crafting

Hey all, New weapon builder here.

Was wondering if you guys out newspaper and PVA glue over your foam before you apply the latex. I’ve experimented and it makes applying the latex easier. But I’m worried it might break a rule regulation?

Thanks all.

Gods no.

That’s basically papier mache, I’d think. It’ll make it easier to paint, but much stiffer. I’m not sure exactly what it would do, because I’ve never built it into one.

I’d probably be very confused by such a weapon, and likely fail it, assuming it works as I expect it to (I’m not a weapons checker for PD games).

Why on earth would you do that?

If your problem is getting the latex to stick, things to check:

Are you sure you’re using a suitable kind of latex?
Have you keyed the surface with sandpaper?

One other method which can help is to prime it with a coat of impact adhesive first, which the latex will stick to.

Finally, remember that more thin coats is better than one thick coat. So a gap in any individual coat doesn’t really matter.

Yeah, the entire thing has just fully hardened and it’s pretty stiff. Throwing it away. Good thing I tested it on a meesly dagger.

I think the technique is called ‘boffering’, some people do it with cloth, other people with newspaper, thought i’d give it a go and test it out. Bad idea.

Might be suitable for a core though, But defiantly not over the foam.

Onto the next experiment!

For making foam etc stick to the core properly, remember to fully hit the core with sandpaper before you glue. That’ll give the glue a surface to key into properly, and it won’t just peel off.

Might be suitable for a core though, But defiantly not over the foam.

Onto the next experiment![/quote]

Cloth or paper around a core can help fill gaps between the core and the foam, and reduce whippiness. Cloth BETWEEN layers of foam where there is no core (eg. on an axe head) can improve durability. But for the love of G.O.D don’t put anything on the outside of the foam!