Night magic in Dawn

Hey all.

I’ve been thinking about how to establish an identity for my house in Dawn, and trying to find a bit of a niche.

At the moment the idea of ‘Transformation’ seems exceedingly good, welcoming artisans, alchemists, crafters and the like with the idea that being able to control a small part of the world around oneself and create something new being a mark of nobility.

In this regard, Night Magic seems to be something else it could look into. Could I ask if there are any Night covens or the likes in Dawn?

I know the normal response is FOIP, but I am a awkward sod who doesn’t like treading on people’s toes. If the ‘transformation’ focus is taken by another house or they have a heavy focus on night magic, I don’t wish to step on their toes and I’ll look for something else.

Off the top of my head, House Vexille are night mages and pretty notorious ex-sorcerers. On the other hand, they’re pretty notorious ex-sorcerers, which would suggest there’s plenty of room for a non-dodgy night coven :wink:

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Is it possible to have an entirely non-dodgy night coven, doesn’t that break some sort of arcane law? :wink:

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It’s fine to be non-dodgy. It’s an arcane violation to admit it. Or give any kind of straight answer. To anything.


I can neither confirm nor deny whether it’s a breach of Night Lore to even explain that.

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Hey! One of us still a sorcerer thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:


My apologies. House Vexille are, of course, only MOSTLY pretty, notorious ex-sorcerers. At least one is just a pretty, notorious sorcerer. :stuck_out_tongue:

[Damn, that’s some comma abuse.]

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Returning to your original question (sorry for the tangent :wink: ), Dawn is a large nation, there’s plenty of room for this concept and I very much doubt you’ll be treading on Vexille’s toes - if anything I suspect they’d love the chance for some good-natured IC rivalry with another night coven!

The notion of Transformation as mastery of (a small part of) the world strikes me as a particularly neat concept for a Dawnish house, and focus on non-combat excellence is always good to see. If you haven’t already, take a look at the wiki entries for the Eternals Soghter, Murit and the new entity Azoth; the rituals Distill the Serpent’s Stone, The Eight-spoked Wheel and The Retrograde Wheel; and the entry on Irridescent Butterflies and their associations with the rune Xun.

You can, if you read between the lines, trace the emergence of Azoth through the Winds of Fortune for the last 6-8(?) events or so. A house with a focus on night magic and transformation will probably have had an interest in this, and some opinions on what has happened and/or an ambition to make contact with the new Eternal would be good conversation starters.