Night Market

I’ve heard tell of the Varushkan Night Markets and my interest is piqued. Are they held at every event, and what nights are they held on?

As far as I know it only runs at the Winter events (just gone).

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What festivals are running this event? I think the Brass Coast have something about drake eggs?
The Marchers are having a game of Foot the Ball.
The Urizan have something with flowers.

Their are others and worth checking out.

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Dawn have an entirely different flower festival with different meanings for the flowers. For maximum fun and confusion :smiley:.

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Often different meanings for colours and types of flowers between different Dawnish noble houses, too! :smiley:

Dawn also has the arts festival of Richilde, which is totally distinct and is running at exactly the same time as the flower festival.

Orcs have the night of worth


I think I will have to go and see that. Ive got a scalpel that has all plenty of worth and I want to tell it.

The Drake egg thing is a winter event.