OC Religion and IC character kit!

Hey there everybody.
I’m Zi a new player from Glasgow!

I was hoping to join the league but after looking at the nations brief I have a feeling that OC religion is going to get in the way

My religion means that I have to wear a face covering and head covering at all times but I can’t think of any way to make this work with kit!

If you have any suggestions on how to make it work or any nation suggestions that might work a little better with the requirement please let me know!
Many thanks !!


2 options really: incorporate it into your kit - pick colours that go with the rest of your costume and make a show of it - Easiest possibly to do in the brass Coast or Highguard who already have these in their costume brief, but I don’t see why it couldn’t work in the League, who go in for fancy hats, and masks too, you just might need to be a bit creative.

2nd option, pick something unobtrusive and ignore it, as we do for mobility aids, glasses wearers and so on.

In this case it will be what you’re comfortable with more than anything else. If you want help on fabric and accessory choices we’d be happy to offer suggestions, especially if you can take photos of what you’re thinking of, selfie or just lying on the bed as preferred.

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Hi there Zi, and welcome along, to the game and these forums.

You can get quite a lot of variation in kit, and accessorise to make it look like any given nation. Fabric head covering and veil will work pretty well in Highguard, Brass Coast, and likely many other nations.

Colour, embroideries, accessories… with these you can make all sorts of bits of kit fit the national briefs. Are you restricted in terms of colour and style?

And yes, as CharlieP says, we’ll happily ignore it if it’s not too intrusive. There are people in motorised wheelchairs, many wearers of glasses, and of course there’s always the wellington boots that some wear in muddy weather.

You are asked to go for something immersive, but the phrase often used in costume is “aspirational”. IE: do what you can, and we’ll understand that that’s what you can do

And yes, with a few more details, we can likely give some more precise advice.

Hey there again !
I usually wear a hijab but it can be any style or colour as long as it covers the face except the eyes.

My main idea was to have a red and silver fabric and edge it with some kind of guilding top with fancy looking Leauge hat and hope it isnt too obtrusive!

My usual hijab usually comes up to just under my eyes. (Its hell during summer!!)

I could always fashion some kind of eye mask out of lace to slip under the covering as that is a big part of the brief. That or maybe something to go over the top? Like for example a big butterfly type mask.


Highguard and Brass Coast would be easier to feature it, but there is no reason why you can’t play in the league or any other nation because of your OC religion, and what you have described with the fancy fabric strikes me as a really league was to do it.

It you are comfortable wearing a mask as well that is another way of being seen as clearly league
If you want to go bigger than the classic domino mask I would recommend being inspired by Venetian styles, as I think any of them will be clearly read as League, and there are a large range of lovely examples.

Hi Zi and welcome!

All the suggestions above make sense to me.

I would also say: Empire is a big field and likely to contain at least a few ignorant people who will jump to conclusions, most probably that your character is from the Brass Coast. I suggest practicing - and getting the people you are playing closely with to also practice, so it’s not all on you - shutting down those misconceptions with phrases like “darling, it’s just the newest fashion in Tassato” as a League character or “do you have a problem with the way I express my personal glory?” in Dawn or whatever.

But I am certain that you can work face covering into any kit brief you want to.

Please note any such comments are against the social contract of the game and if someone makes you feel uncomfortable because of it please mention it to the nearest person with a radio - a ref, egregore or some civil servants, and it will be dealt with.


Mask will definately scream League :slight_smile:

Now, just mucking around here, and apologies if I get this wrong, but are you thinking something like this:


with something like this over the top?:

As mentioned, you can get venetian masks to cover almost any amount of face/head, in almost any colour. So you might want to start with an ornate and awesome hijab, and pick a mask to co-ordinate…


This is almost exactly what I was thinking! I brought the material earlier today for the hijab and I’m going to sew my own. The mask might be a little trickier though.

(EDIT: I’ll take a selfie with the finished product when done!)


Part of the League’s inspiration is Venice and it’s Carnivale masks.

The traditional costume for that often comes with face coverings as well, so you could just incorporate that into your mask wearing. Either with a full face mask or a half face mask with a veil draped beneath it.

Also as mentioned Highguard has a whole hoods and veils thing going on, but I think there’s plenty of space in the League brief for what you need.

Any other questions just ask :smiley:.


Masks like this are the reason that I picked the league in the first place! I’ve always wanted an excuse to wear a big fancy feathered masque like this on a larp field! I am hoping to create a big fancy gown to go with it!!
(Unfortunately for reasons of a bad back it’s unlikely I will fight unless I can think of a role that don’t require insane amounts of running around)


There’s plenty to do without going to battle, and it is a little bit easier to look fabulous if you don’t have to worry about running in it!

Making your own mask is pretty advanced. Decorating your own mask is much easier, and lots of fun! You can get mask blanks cheaply on eBay - I’d suggest getting one that’s got the coverage you’re looking for expecting to trim it down a bit, particularly around the eyes.

Get it really comfortable, don’t be afraid to trim more - if you can, wear it around the house for an afternoon, ideally on top of your hijab so you really know how it feels for longer periods.

Then, decorate! Layering works really well for League-type masks - put on a base colour all over, a trim around the edge, then add extra swirls and gems. Fabric paint works really well for a slightly raised effect, and you can embed little jewels in splodges of it. Dry brushing (get some paint on your brush, wipe almost all of it off, then whisk along a textured surface so just the uppermost bits get paint on) looks amazing in metallic colours on trim and on said paint swirls. Do a layer at a time, let things dry properly between, and keep going until you’re happy (and remember, you can always add more at any time, even after an event).

Hope that helps!


Keep in mind that the weather can vary quite a bit, so you want something that won’t stifle you in heat, but also is adaptable to wearing when it’s icy wind and rain. You could take a domino mask and add the niqab features to the bottom of it, with a lightweight plain fabric, topped with a lacy panel, and the entirety of the panel extending to your chest. No one will see your face, you’ll get air-flow for cooling purposes, and with the bottom pinned to your chest, keep all of that cooled and covered at the same time. For the headscarf, you could take a plain fabric, then top it with contrasting lace.

Gloves do feature in many of the League costumes, so you can cover your hands in lace, and the fabric will be thin enough to hold all those finger rings they use. (If you already sussed out this element, please forgive my assumptions that you’re fully covered.)

Sounds fabulous! Do you know what city you’ll pick? (the League cities have mildly different styles - Temeschwar and Holburg are darker tones; with Temeschwar - more wool, leather and fur; Sarvos is much more bright colours, and that sort of Tudors/Borgias silk extravagence; Tassato is similar to Sarvos but more bling and less class)

Here is helpful :https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/The_League_costumes#Regional_variations