Old stories or legends

Any old stories that children or teens would be told? I’m making a shadow puppet theatre and want to know any stories that could be told there, if Navarr has any stories or if you have any old Empire Stories that are fairy well known could you let me know…


I made one up if you would like to hear it, not sure about any traditional empire stories though. My mum might know some shadow puppet stories from Bali that you might be able to adapted but I can’t promise anything. I might have to come along and take a look if that okay with you.

There are some classics, I’m sure… you could probably adapt several fairy stories (Rumpilstiltskin comes to mind).

For actual historical/quasi-historical ones…

The tale of the First Empress and the Last King is a good one from Dawn.


Iwillgetthingswrong, ooo Balinese shadow puppets! Very nice. Good idea…

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That would be great, we’d be doing shows later in the night so it’s dark enough for the light to work. I modified a lamp shade so it reflects the design of a forest canopy when the light shines through it. Telling stories with a little bit of flute music would be sick. Always accepting donations of a few rings in the tent, if you enjoyed the show that is!


Thanks! Will be having a look around the history sections of different nations!

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I don’t play the flute but I could try and improvise something with my voice. I can’t promise anything as I hope to be busy next event but if I have time and you need some music, I’d be happy to try and do it.

Also was the ‘that would be great’ for me telling you the story or for me turning up. If it is for the former do you want me to tell you it over messages on here or at empire?

I meant the story sorry for any confusion, we have a flute player at the moment :wink:

The stories of the Paragons and Exemplars are a great place to start.


Re: the above: https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Paragons_and_exemplars is the landing page for all the religious biographies. Some are more fleshed out and easy to convert. Others are emptier (like the Marked) and have more space to make up stuff.

Vardas for example is literally just Sherlock Holmes, Empire Saint Edition. You could make an entire book of Vardas Stories by filing the serial numbers off the Holmes stories.

Inga Tarn’s miracles were “being outrageously buff” so you could look into Hercules and other Greek demigod figures, or Norse mythos for heroic feats of strength/endurance to work with.

Also the backstory of various nations is a rich vein of things to make up stories about.


At a Varushkan player event, I recently performed a story, based on the Varushkan celebration ‘The Festival of the Loom’ with shadow puppets.
You can see some of the photos on my Storytelling Facebook page and I’m happy to send a PDF of the story if you PM me.
Shadow puppets pics: Redirecting...


That’s Amazing! A lot more complicated than what we’re doing! We plan on casting it up onto the roof of an IC tent, We have this dome shaped lampshade that makes it look like the overlapping branches of trees and we’ll be using similar puppets to tell stories! Love the photos btw!

Will 100% look into this! I love lore and stuff for fictional worlds. Good tip on adapting, might have to undust the old Holmes collection! Wish me luck :anguished:

Oh, now that sounds like a great plan - break a leg! :slightly_smiling_face:

The library has a good collection of stories. some factual some fiction, it might be good to pick up a few books and have a read through when you have some time on the field.