Orc kit/crafting guides and tips

I remember that various useful bits of info regarding orc kit popped up on the Facebook group over the last year. Making “orc skin” gloves and how to modify a mask for your real hair to come through both spring to mind. Now that we have this forum, I thought it might be a good idea to gather all that kind of thing in one place. If people want to post their own hints and tips in this thread, I’m happy to keep this post updated with links to individual posts so it’s all organised and easy to find.

Alternatively, you can tell me to shut up if you think it’s a terrible idea. :wink:

I have my hair pulled through my mask as a ‘top-knot’ type look and do find it’s more comfortable to wear that way as well as keeping the mask quite secure too.

Easily done by making a small hole in the mask using a soldering iron rather than scissors. Melting the latex rather than cutting it will give a neater hole as well as being far less likely to cause the mask to tear when it’s stretched.

I also found that you don’t’ need a very big hole either as a) it will stretch to allow you to pull your hair through and b) will then contract to grip your hair rather than needing a band or anything.
Best to make a small one (about 1cm dia) and try it, then very gradually make it bigger if you find you need to.

Putting the mask on, put your hair in a ponytail in roughly the same place as the hole will end up being, put mask on as normal, feel through the hole (fnar) and pull your hair through. Style as normal. Job done. :sunglasses:

For hair I used a leather punch to make a series of small holes in the crown of the scalp and threaded wool dreadlocks through them. If you thread each end of the dreadlock through a different hole the latex of the mask acts like a mini-hairband (much the same way as ‘Cripple’ describes above) and stops each dread pulling through.

I also shave my head just before events which saves the hassle of worrying about my actual hair getting in the way. :slight_smile:

Favourite tips I’ve come across for mask adjustment is putting stocking across the inside of the nostril/ear holes. That way you can make holes to breath and hear better, without pristine pink human showing through.

At E1 when condensation was a problem, I found that rather than the plethora of suggestions ranging from hygiene products, wool, hairspray and baby powder, putting plasters directly on my face protected against the wet chafing best of all.

I’ve noticed some Orcs and Naga with full masks have a buff (or some other bit of material) attached to the mask to cover the neck with something a bit more flexible.

Has anyone got advice on the best products to attach the two?
I’d have thought some kind of glue would be best, but I’ve been advised that stitching them together might be a better option.

Just wear the buff and put the mask on over the top. This lets the buff wick sweat away from your head, whilst still allowing you take them off independently. You can also wash the buff this way!

I noticed a LOT of people are starting to make barbarian kit for monstering so heres a nice cheep easy tutorial I made over on Facebook.

facebook.com/mdaweswood/med … 463&type=3