Other places to talk about Empire

Here’s a list of all the other places to talk about Empire out there on the internet.


Empire LRP page - The official Empire Facebook page, follow this for any news updates from PD.
Empire LRP - The main Empire Facebook group.
Empire LRP: Player Support & New Player Help - A place for any questions about Empire, run by the Player Support Team.

The Nation Groups

The Brass Coast
Imperial Orcs
The League
The Marches

Social Media

Empire_LRP - The official Empire Instagram account
EmpireLrp - The official Empire LRP twitter.
The official PD Twitch account is profounddecisions and the YouTube channel is ProfoundDecisionsLRP.
Podcasts from the Empire team are hosted here at Empirepodcast.

Unofficial Facebook Groups
These are the main player run groups for Empire.

Empire LRP Kit: Sales, swaps and wanted - For buying, selling and swapping kit for Empire.
Empire LRP: Photos - Photographers sharing all their photos from Empire.
Parents of the Empire - Parents at Empire share advice and tips.
Empire and Friends Costume Froth - Costume making advice and people showing off the new kit they made.
Empire LRP: Travel Arrangements - Arranging car shares, lifts and that sort of thing.
Spoonie and Disabled Empire Larpers - For players with disabilities to share their experiences and offer advice.
Empire LRP: Event Ads - Adverts for player run Empire events.
Empire LRP: The Illustration Board - Sharing art about Empire.
Empire LRP: Fiction Sharing - For sharing fiction about Empire, may contain spoilers :slight_smile: .
Empire LRP: Archery - Advice about archery, what kit to buy, battlefield tips etc.
Empire LRP: Weapons Practice - Find out about larp weapons practice sessions across the UK.
Empire LRP: Musicians - Musicians at Empire talk music.
Empire LRP Froth - Post game chat.
Food Froth - IC Food making and other food related chat

Along with these for sharing tips about make-up for and playing the Lineages at Empire:

Briar | Cambion | Changeling | Draughir | Merrow | Naga

These are links to all the hashtags people use to post about Empire on various sites:

Instagram - #Empirelrp and #Empirelarp
Tumblr - #Empire LRP, #empirelarp and the general Live Roleplaying tag LARP
Twitter - #EmpireLRP


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If we’ve missed any of the major groups, post a reply and we’ll see if we can fit it onto the list.

Possibly this one as it’s bit more specific to Empire:

The costume froth liked above has got very huge and diversified alot from just Empire.

The podcast linked in this post is the old one, and hasn’t been updated with the recent podcast episodes. The new one can be found here: https://profounddecisionsltd.podbean.com/

Spoonie and Disabled Empire Larpers
Empire LRP: Fiction Sharing

@CharlieP , @bucketofkay good catches, fixed.
@Triska Thanks have stuck the first one up and I just need to clarify how fic groups work then I’ll look at adding that too.edit All good, have stuck it in.


There’s also an unofficial Empire subreddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/empirelrp

It’s not exactly active, but I’ll sub to it to catch people who post there :slight_smile: And thanks for giving people a steer here if you’re the poster I think :slight_smile:

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The Imperial War College FB group: Facebook Gruppen
The Anvil Hospital And Imperial School Of Medicine FB group: Facebook Gruppen
Empire LRP: Weapons Practice FB Group: Empire LRP: Weapons Practice
Empire LRP: Prop and Set building FB group: Facebook Gruppen

Thanks I’ve stuck the Weapon’s Practice one in as that’s sufficiently of general interest and also has regular traffic on it.

The (unofficial) Empire discord!

Have a forever link to use - https://discord.gg/2umThNWECd