Out of my LARP stash, I armed

Today (and yesterday) I’ve been tidying up my LARP stash. There’s quite a lot. Lets focus on the weapons…

… I have enough to equip a small warband. Is this normal?

Let’s play a game.

If you had to equip a contingent of new LARPers out of your LARP weapons, how many would there be, and equipped how?


I’ll go first.

A party of 12
3 with swords and large shields.
3 with bastard swords.
1 with axe and hand-axe
1 with great axe
A mage with a staff
A mage with rod and buckler
A crossbowman.
And one nutter at the back with about 20 throwing daggers.
(and back-up weapons, mostly daggers but also a wand for the mage, for everyone)

…oh, and a tiny mascot at the back with a wooden sword.


Well that makes me feel better. Only just though.

3 mages with mage staffs
1 mage using mage rod and “1 handed naginata” (basically a blade on a stick)
1 front line fighter with a 2 handed axe
1 sword and board fighter
4 skirmishers each with sword and off hand weapon, (long knife, short sword, hand axe, Main gauche)

So just a squad of ten then…


Merely two kite shields, four swords, an axe, a staff, a rod, and a bow. Barely enough for an adventuring party.

While they don’t meet Empire standards by a long shot, I have 8 shields painted as UK road signs from a post-apoc game some years ago. I can field that wall, plus a halberd & a staff behind, although the last few shieldbearers are down to long knives.

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2 with staffs (staves?)
2 with two-handed swords
1 with a sword and kite shield
1 with a sword and buckler
1 with a sword and mage rod
1 with just a sword
3 with 2 knives each
1 with a knife and a wand
1 with a handaxe
1 crossbow archer
1 with a truncheon
1 with a chainsword

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Perfectly normal

My stash at its height was

3 pole arms *
1 spear
1 two handed sword *
3 axes *
2 hammers *
8 daggers
3 shields
2 Buckler’s*

Sadly things decay over time, use or just get stolen so the current list is a bit smaller.

I have massive cut down my stash over the last couple of years. However, I could quite happily fit out a modest group, probably Unconquered:

3 with sword and shield
3 with bow
1 with mage staff
1 with rod and shield

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I can manage

2x Sword and dagger
Sword and buckler
One-handed Harpoon and buckler
Axe and small shield
Axe and domed shield
Short sword and dagger

and have a small hammer left over.

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I reckon I could outfit a battlefield healing squad from my stash, although it would likely involve tying on various bits of chain offcut to reach full coverage.
So probably either Imperial Orcs, or Navarr who had to do a lot of field repairs.

The Bodyguard: Heavy Armour (Chain) 1h Spear, buckler
The Wizard: Mage Armour, Staff, wand.
The Physick: Medium Armour (plates) , 1h weapon, Buckler
The Rogue: Medium Armour (Ringmesh), 1H Weapon, Dagger, 3x Throwing Weapons.
The Archer: Medium Armour (Fibreglass), Bow, 1h weapon.
The Spring Heal Spam Ritualist: Rod
The Water Carrier/Additional Physick: Dagger, Light Armour, Medium (leather) on chest.


2 sets chain,
a breastplate in dire need of refurbishment
several pauldrons,
and I think some extra metal bracers and greaves about.

2 greatswords,
2 machetes,
2 daggers,
Good crossbow
Spare crossbow (minimal bolts available)
Throwing knive
So could probably equip some spare cataphracts to protect me while I go druj-hunting. :slight_smile:

If we go outside Empire, I can also equip a space lizard with their very own riot armour, space gun, and space pistol. Plus some dashing young musketeer with a musket and a few* pistols.

haven’t attended an event yet but my armoury currently consists of:

1 sword and board (kite variety)
3 bastard swords
1 arming sword
and a polearm

still have a dane axe and a single handed axe to arrive

This thread’s quite an interesting exercise in “what you can do if you split up one character’s iconic kit over several” and “how to outfit a backup PC or rerrange kit for monstering” As for example, if I went full clank I’d be using:

  • Gambeson
  • Ringmesh or chain
  • Cuirass
  • Jackchains or vambraces.
  • Helmet
  • 1h spear
  • Buckler
  • Backup sword
  • Dagger.

But by splitting that up and adding a padded coif and another weapon, I can cover 3 PCs with the same kit.

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