Paldrons without Gorget

Because paldrons are awesome, I ordered some on Ebay - I asked the seller if it needed a gorget, and I think due to a language barrier they gave me the impression it came with a gorget (the seller was in india) - it didn’t.

How would other people deal with this?

I tried buldog clipping them onto my mail - but this was awfully hard to do and would be impossible to fight with.

I have a gambeson (that i wear under my mail) which i could try to add arming points to - but i don’t know how that would work.!!

Depends what type of paldrons they are, do they have a buckle or tie points like reinforced rivets?

We need some pic’s to help properly.

here is a picture of the clasp thats meant to attach it to a gorget

and heres the ebay page with lots more pictures

hmm, Doesnt look promising. How does it fix under the arm? only thing I can think of is pointing to the gambison through the chain. Not simple though.

Maybe give each pauldron a strap that goes right around your body, under the opposite armpit? Or just connect them to each other… maybe by making holes at front and back of each pauldron, and fixing straps there. It might take a bit of experimenting.

I’d look for a leather gorget or a quilted collar you could add some straps too. Mytholon do cheap and cheerful but fairly solid pieces. Something like this:

Then add some straps to attach to the buckle.


These Ideas are probably far enough out of my area of expertise I think i’ll just ebay a cheap gorget with straps.

Does this look good? also should i worry about the widths of straps? or is everything standardized?

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looks fine, Try to rivet the straps in if possible. Will be much stronger in the long run. You will want to check on the size.

as in neck size, like a shirt?

Looks fine to me. Straps are not at all standardized but if they’re narrower than they need to be to fit through the buckle it doesn’t matter, if they’re too wide just shave down the sides a bit with a Stanley knife.


That piece on ebay does look nice.
Probably nicer than the cheaper alternatives made by mytholon.
Anyway, a padded gorget like that can go under your maille (improving comfort) and its collar will stick up through the neck-hole in your hauberk so you can still use it for connecting your pauldrons.
In fact it sounds as if maybe all you need is a stand-up collar for your existing gambeson, and straps attached to that collar…



Maybe i should have done some DIY on my existing gambeson rather than buying something new ( i was frustrated at having wanted some new armor since last year and now on having it not being able to wear it- so i clicked before your comment)

There might be a second opportunity for DIY though - the straps on the paldrons are probably heading for 3 inches long, and as the paldrons are fairly world of warcraft in proportion- this means that they’ll probably sit half off my shoulders. Is there any easy way of shortening the buckles that people use?

As usual with DIY, you can do it but you’ll need tools and supplies, which will cost you more than the price of getting someone else to do this one job.


  • Remove the rivet that holds the strap to the pauldron (probably using a drill with care)
  • Make a new hole in the strap (with a leather punch, or you could use a drill)
  • Reattach the strap to the pauldron by fitting a new rivet (so you need a suitable rivet and tools for fixing it)
  • Trim off the excess strap, if you like (using a knife).

Or shorten the other end… which is a bit more involved, but avoids the potentially tricky bit of removing a rivet without damaging the pauldron.

Alternatively, you could get a cobbler to do it, or one of the traders at an Empire event.

My pauldrons are fitted the same way. They are supposed to be used with another piece of armor, eather metal or leather, that will have an strap prepared to attach them.

Unfortunately I cannot think of any DIY solution to use that without a gorget or another chest armor piece. I know that Mytholon offers quite affordable gorgets, have a look on their website.

Check the viking store they have alot of buckled gorgot(s) just look at how they hang on the model you dont want them too low

The gorget, has now arrived. Its got pretty thick padding so its nice under my mail- and with a couple of cable ties the paldrons sit right on my shoulders, so i’m now really happy!