PDF / Kindle book of empire wiki

Hi all,

I recently got to the point of usability with a set of scripts that download and convert the whole wiki to PDF and .mobi (for kindles). If anyone is interested:


It uses Calibre and a bunch of python scripts to create the documents. I’ve skipped the images (aside from the runes) to save space and because some of them are copyrighted. I’m happy to share the code if anyone is interested.


Bear in mind that any PDF print out will only be correct for (n) minutes where (n) is the amount of time it takes us to change something.

Well it should be cool for things like rules and the majority of history and background, you mainly do rules changes and tune-ups over winter yes? And for anything major he can crank out a new copy :slight_smile:.

This is an excellent idea, and I appreciate it. I’ve been putting chunks on my Kindle just with Instapaper, but the whole thing at once will be useful, thanks.

I’ve chatted with staccato about updates etc - he has plans to keep it reasonably up to date (but note that your downloaded copies will obviously not autoupdate).

Nor does my brain :slight_smile:

I didn’t release it for general consumption until I had a functioning update script. It checks the Recent Changes page and only downloads the changed stuff - I’m planning on running it approximately monthly, with probably a full re-run just before Event I to catch all the over-winter changes.

I would welcome comments, improvements etc. The PDF version should really have a colophon, for a start :smiley:

thank you for this… i started to do this… but got distra… oooh squirrel

Updated last night, which will be that last one before Event III.2015

I love you!

How does this work - once converted is this just effectively a flat text, or do the various links and such still work to jump from topic to topic?

It does have internal links, yes, on both the PDF and Kindle version.

Sorry for the slow response, I only just noticed it.

(Updated to Aug 14th)

Updated version, as of 2016-06-04, now available.

Thank you!

Updated again! Should have 2016.Ev3 Winds of War in.

And almost all of the Winds of Fortune too!

Thank you so much for this - meant I could copy out the new priest stuff into an IC notebook in a field on Friday without running my phone battery down. :smiley:

Mobi (for Kindle) and ePub versions updated. The PDF version is now so large that is makes my (not very powerful) server cry. I may get it up before the event, but I may not. The old version is still there for now.


The PDF version is up too, now.

Looking at the website, I notice there’s now a version from March 2017 - so if (like me) anyone was wondering if there was a version with the priest skill changes from winter in, there is!

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Updated, to Wiki as of 2017-06-09. (possibly missing some Winds of Fortune/War, I haven’t checked)