People of Varushka

What is your character name and role in Varushka?

Go on then, I’ll start.

I am Branislav Vuk Strascovich, wardern of Varushka, and member of the Vor’Azi.

Zlatimir Anatolyvic Prochnost of the Embers of Ivarsgard

I look after the financial and trade interests of our group and I’m a skilled craftsman of weapons and armour.

I take the battlefield in heavy armour with my trusty bardiche, knocking my enemies from their feet in a single blow!

I am also fortunate enough to serve as the senator’s attache for the Bourse.

Sasha Raskov Scianova, part owner of The Oxen Head (Operating in Anvil as The Calf’s Head)

I dabble in almost everything, from magic to Courage to trade. I often play proxy to the actual group Boyar, but there are no real defined rolls in our small group.

I use a mix of heavy armours, axe and shield. Often found just behind the line spotting for incoming hostiles or downed friends. That should be an official job with a sash or something.

If I don’t already know you, I probably will at some point. Connections are the most fun thing.

Kazimir Zarekovich Zbyszco, International Volhov of Mystery. Member of the Vor’Azi. National Treasure.

When not watching what everyone else is doing I am healing them. Or myself. Sometimes both.

Sandor Zarekovich Zbyszco, younger yet lager (and deffinately taller) brother of Kazimir & member of the Vor’azi.

Former warden turned Volhov specialising in Restoring limbs, Removing Venom & Weakness and watching out for you with Day Magics.

I am the heroic and most beloved Admiral Vraalbuka

Defender of the Varuskan coast and overseas interests.
Destroyer of Barbarian Hordes.
Almost defeater of the dreaded Manipede.
Possible father of 20 children from his previous 12 marriages.
Voted Most likely to die from Rum drinking.
Voted most successful “Officer of Acquisitions” of the Varushkan nation.
Defeater of over 100 men in almost honorable combat.
Sailor extraordinaire.
Voted most heroic lover of the lost mermaid city of the sea.
All round hero in love and war!

At your service! bows

I am Father Drakov, priest of Vigilance and Autumn Mage at your service.

And Captain, I stand in awe of your many many accomplishments

Branivoja Svetina Kusnetsova, Changeling Warden, Protector of the Volhov Ekatelina Zvezdanova Nadeyat’sya, Orichalcum Smith and all-round giant, axe-wielding badass.

This is so damn confusing without pictures. Ah well :wink:

Assuming that someone takes a photo of me at the next event, I’ll add it here.

<---- My pic was taken by one of our group who does quite professional pictures while at the event, and quite a few other people tend to take pics too if you let 'em so I’m sure you’ll get one taken. :slight_smile:

But yeah, pictures would be cool to go along with the faces Sasha, though I do know most of the repobates posting here, filthy scum that they are! :wink:

Maxim Goranin Strascovich, Volhov and Mason.

You may know me as the Volhov who’s hat pointyness is only exceeded by his staff pointyness.

The captain needs no pictures! you can feel him when he draws near! especially at night… erm from his singing…

and the Smell of rum :wink:

I’m Nadezdha Darva, a priest of prosperity from the Order of the Sheaf. I’m also the imperial auditor.

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[quote=“Father Drakov”]I am Father Drakov, priest of Vigilance and Autumn Mage at your service.

Oh yes, I’m also an Exorcist… always ready to help. (pic to follow once I get a good one taken at Event 1 :mrgreen:[/quote]

Stanislav Borodin Havel, Boyar of Triosk, General of the Army of the Golden Axe, part time cat herder, AKA this guy:

Sveta Stoneheart, draughir, loyal supporter of the Volhov Daromir Stoneheart, self-declared wise-one and general busy-body. Also makes a mean pork pie. Just don’t ask where the meat came from.

Yelislaveta Vlanich of the Wychlovar… Senator of Mierkarova, for one more season anyway:) shouty little varushkan lady of the senate :slight_smile: mistress of delegation, keeper of many attaches :wink: ritualist, meddler and wise one.

Yelislaveta Syrnova Vlanich, Senator for Mierkarova. Boyar of the Wychlovar.