Photography Cameras?

Hello! I’m quite new and I will be attending my first Empire in September!

I was just wondering: for players that wish to bring cameras, but not be intrusive, what is the best practices? Such as size and disguising.

Just curious, as I’m not sure whether to bring a camera or not yet.

Many thanks!


Bring it, most people don’t tend to notice them unless you intentionally shove the thing in their face, and while PD has quite a few photographers more pictures are always cool :slight_smile:

You will need somewhere to put it when you need both hands though, and that probably does need to be disguised as not modern if it is, although water and dust proof would be good!

Ah thanks for the info! :smiley:

I own a few cameras, from photography to film, including a DLSR Nikon thing, a large Sony Camcorder, and also GoPro (last two are dust and rain proof).

Will have to do some testing with my outfit to see what can be done.


You might want to have a quick read of the guidelines on the wiki when it comes to photography at events (and check them again prior to next year because I’m planning some changes): … hotography

We do prefer that players don’t film the event. LRP looks pretty universally awful on film and we’d heavily discourage it. Likewise we’d also love to see less people holding up phones and things to photograph.

I’m sure once you get immersed in the game the last thing on your mind will be photography, but if I was playing rather than shooting for PD I think I’d opt for just a little compact camera that I could stash away in my bag. I know that some of our crew do this or have leather belt pouches made to fit their compacts and it works really well.

Let me know if I can help, my email is on the page above I think!

Ah thank you! Will have to see what little compacts I can dig out! (I think mine is a few years old)

I’m sure I’ll be too distracted most of the time, but will be nice to get a few snaps to show friends and family :slight_smile:

I saw a big videocamera on the first day of the event, at the entrance to Anvil. Were we in local news?