Photos from Autumn 381YE

Tom Garnett is trying something a bit new this event and posting a few image at a time with commentary. Keep checking the link for more.

Beth Dooner has put her glorious set up now!

Two from Oliver Facey, here and here.

Some more photo sets by Andrea Martin, Paul Wilder, Gordon McDonald, Jacqui Crane, Paul Venner, Nick Meredith on facebook, and a video by Luca Da Rè over on YouTube.

This post to be updated as more come through.

If you use any of their images please remember to credit the photographers as they have requested on each of their albums.

Photographer’s websites are:
Beth Dooner
Tom Garnett
Oliver Facey


Eeeee! That video is all Awesome Piccies wonderfully pitched and timed to Awesome Music! With the quote at the start, it does feel like a eulogy…