Physrepping lineage: Cambion

So how do you physrep your Cambion lineage? Any recommendations for makeup and horn suppliers? What are some good techniques for metallic skin and labyrinth marks?

This is me at the moment, my Labyrinth Marks need a bit of work as they’re just drawn on with a bronze make-up pen, however I’m quite pleased with my resin horns from Pan’s Devil Horns, can heartily recommend them.

So how about you?


This is me as my cambion.
I use Mandala horns and some of their silver body paint to give a subtle shimmer/mottled effect around my eyes/upper face and use an eyeliner pencil to do my labyrinth marks. Not super happy with them at the moment but they are ok.

Excuse the slightly odd look on my face, sideways selfies for reference pictures are hard


Not a cambion, but for drawing on face I can recommend No7 Stay Precise Felt pen over most eyeliner pencils.

It does a good clean line that stays on (as long as you don’t touch/rub your face too much), but it only seems to come in black or brown.

In general, liquid/gel based liners will probably look and stay on better than the pencil/powder based ones. I think NYX do different colours and they’re starting to become available in some Boots stores.

Edit: This picture is from very late on a Friday or Saturday: Favourite Empire Picture of You


Here’s me, being a Cambion, being interested in Medical Things (Photo by Kevin Gill)

My silver is snazaroo, but with eyeshadow applied on top for a bit of contouring/depth. I have it a tad darker around the eyes, for example, because that’s what my skin does anyway. Before I progressed to the silver, though, I had labyrinth marks on the left side of my face. I found a NYX eyebrow pencil that matched the colour of my freckles almost exactly, and that resulted in the lines looking pretty natural.

Lightweight horns are your friend! I made mine myself from EVA foam and I get loads of comments about how light they are (just a fraction of the Mandala ones, I gather). I have the headband lined with some cheap felt, though, because even though they’re light, the foam against my head was pretty uncomfortable at my first event. Since then, they’ve been fab. Never had to suffer from horn rot.

I have labyrinth marks on my hands/forearms too, but as they are literally drawn on with permanent marker, I’m not going to recommend my own method. My hands tend to have some sort of dye on them anyway, so my skin is used to that sort of nonsense. I would never use it on my face. If you are considering that sort of thing because it might last longer than makeup, please, please, try to come up with an alternative!


Our big rams horns are only about 150g. Yours must be featherweight :slight_smile:

How did you make yours?

If I’m remembering right, mine, including headband are 30g or so. I’d tell you how, but I’d have to kill you. :wink:

They’re hollow, which cuts the weight right down.


This is me as Magdelena.
I did a makeup tutorial on how I do my makeup here

Face Makeup: Since the tutorial I made the transition to Mehron Metallic Powder. I use their gold and bronze to replace the base layer of lipstick (on my face yes, it was weird but it worked) and the copper shading under the cheekbones. I just dust that on with a fluffy makeup brush, not bothering with any fixing liquids because I don’t want to look too shiny, and I’ve found that has decent staying power, though the bronze isn’t as bright as I’d like.

Horns: I made my own horns using modroc and modelling mesh and then painting them with acrylic (so they’re theoretically waterproof). They’re a bit clumsy and chunky but I bring that into my character as an insecurity of hers and I have OC quite an affection for them. Because they’re covered in plaster, they’re a bit heavy, if I were to do them again, I’d look into doing it with worbla.

Attaching the horns to the wig: My horns had a wide flared base which meant I could I strap them down with a lot of glue and strips of fabric (it’s very messy if you actually see it) onto a cheap but sturdy wide plastic alice band. Then I cut (very carefully) two holes in the wig I’d bought and shoved them through. The combination of the weight of the wig and the extra support of the alice band mean the horns sit quite snugly and solidly on my head. The horns being under the wig give Magda’s head a bit of a bulky shape under the hair but I really like that because it looks like the horns are growing out of her scalp. Also this means that when they get knocked (and they will get knocked) I can pretty swiftly correct them.

I love playing a cambion, it really helps me to feel like a different person with all of this makeup on, but it does take a long time to get into kit every morning which is frustrating.

HOT TIP! when wearing a face full of makeup, tapping itches instead of scratching them makes them go away without ruining all your hard work!


Awesome. That is impressively light.
We considered hollow, but they worked out a bit less robust for us.

photo by Oliver Facey

I apologise for glasses and concentration face. As a relatively new player (this was my second event) this is more a helpful guide to what not to do as I’m still ironing out the details on my costume. Labyrinth marks are waterproof liquid eyeliner over a golden strobe cream (LOVE this it is applied like a glue stick, but does rub off over day a bit) I wear no makeup here apart from that but am planning to try a slightly translucent foundation over the top of the labyrinth marks to make them appear more under the skin than sitting on top; I’m also looking to swapping to coloured eyeliner as black doesn’t sit well on my freeborn conscience. My horns are a matching pare with my brothers (you can see his in the green turban/taglemust thing) They are mod rock over a piece of wire with cardboard rings giving shape. Then glue gunned ridges and spray-painted black with grey white and silver citadel paints dry brushed over the top (not a economic paint to use but I had some lying about) I also painted a Lego chain gold and glued it on, this worked surprisingly well! Runes are painted on the sides of the top horns. I’m really happy with the paint job and my brother work really well incorporated in his hat. Cons to these are I don’t trust them in the rain, not put it to the test but don’t plan to any time soon. They are bulky and I found them hard to secure (but I’m quite active in movement), I platted the headband into my hair during battle with the ribbon and I couldn’t tell you which glue is keeping them there because there is every glue on there (I lost a horn first even and had to ask a kind trader for some glue to fix it) Foam padding under the band helps slightly but they are quite uncomfortable to wear for a long time. Finally the side horns I thought would look really cool with a big curl, but it is restricting to head movement so when I remake them they will be tighter to my ears. I plan to redo my horns out of foam but as a bit of a first attempt bodge job patchwork ordeal they were reasonably cheep and are reasonably unique.


Photo by Tom Garnett

For my Highborn Cambion (With Urizeni links)
Cyrius of the Woodwych Harts, i had to make sure he could stand out whilst wearing the base white and grey and black of the Highborn Nation.
With the Horns, i comissioned Jackerdemalion (Daisy) to make the Horns and Headband. These were just made and not painted (apart from the dyed Grey of the headband) The White and copper horns were painted with 4 layers of creme white acrylic paint, then highlighted with the bone white on the edges. The Copper is a simple army painter copper over army painter leather brown.
The Headband was Army painter Chain silver on the edges.
The Reason why i went for Copper with Cyrius was to add a contrasting warm colour to combat the cool colour themes of the rest of Cyrius’s kit.

Makeup wise, i was always really bad at it. I would slap copper snazz onto half of my face, then would smash Bronze power on top to really give the shine. Then with fingernails i would paint with a simple shiny copper nail varnish.

I wish to expand Cyrius’s lineage through using Bone white Snazz to make bone coloures Labarynth marks on the copper. A reverse colour scheme to the horns for a good effect. With a possible addition of small bits of UV paint in the marks to represent Glowing when in the Regio casting rituals!!

A Smug Highborn Camboni!



My base colour sucks in this photo (snazaroo gold) and this photo is the reason I have since swapped to Mehron Metalic Powder (see Tarrigan’s post above), but I’ve not been papped with that on yet. My Labyrinth Markings are a toy marble-maze that I have broken open and am using as a stamp. The upside is that you get a nice, well defined pattern of lines every time. The downside is that they look exactly the same every time, so your mileage may vary.

Photo credit to Quiet Nerd Snapshots (*F)


Was going to delete the first post, but then thought It would be good to show the development in a relatively short amount of time

(wonderful pic by Steph Morris) . My current lineage trapping are a development of this first Idea. I have home made horns, made out of roll mats using the instructions on the Empire Wiki, and is felt lined band to make it very comfortable to wear and less likely to slip. I then depending on how rushed I am in the morning do various makeup routines using things which promotes the shine of the skin. My labyrinth marks are over a base of metallic strobe stick, are green snazarro. As Freeborn I didn’t want black. But that’s just a personal choice, and then heavily powder my face to make it look like the marks are sitting under the skin. I then use setting spray from pound land.