Physrepping lineage: Changeling

So how do you physrep your Changeling lineage? Any hints and tips for people new to this?


I use a base of liquid latex mixed with skin-coloured paint. We were going for a scarification sort of look. It’s subtle (sometimes people don’t know it’s there in low light) but I’m fine with that. It would work with other colours too. I like the fact it has a feel to it, I can idly run my fingers over them to remind me they are there.

It’s painted on with a regular paintbrush in several layers, and easily lasts the day. Some days it goes on better than others but it’s usually good enough! I tend to remove at night and reapply each morning but one of my group members often leaves hers on all weekend.

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I like the subtly of your spirals. It’s cool

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The images are currently borked but I have informed the relevant people who will try to fix it when they are able. :slight_smile:

Hurrah, images are now fixed (thanks Aquarion).

In celebration, here, have a tiny picture of my face.

[ETA: this is a crop of a much larger image by Oliver Facey]

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I use the ones made by Hysteria Machine; they’re light and (I find) relatively comfy, so I can keep them on all weekend without too much trouble.

For larger, more impressive antlers I’d go with Mandala

Whichever you choose, practice wearing them before the event - I tend to pop mine on while I’m pottering around the house - so you get used to compensating for them; particularly with large antlers, you’ll find your physicality changing slightly, which can be useful for getting into the character, and you’ll need to factor them in when going through doors etc. If you use a shoulder-bag or satchel it’s worth practicing putting it on / taking it off with the antlers on - the first few times are a glorious clumsy tangle of straps and hair and antler. I’m in the League, so I’ve also gotten quite adept at donning and removing masks with my antlers in place.

It’s also possibly worth thinking about how you might need to adapt your costume to accommodate their presence, for example chainmail that’s split down the front and buckled back together is probably more practical than a shirt you’d have to pull on over them. Hats and hoods are An Adventure.

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(@Eira please feel free to come back and add pictures now that things are fixed. :slight_smile: )

I’m going to have to try that for my swirls

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Does anyone have any advice about feathered brows?

As I wear a tagelmust I decided to ignore the issue (because practically speaking it just wouldn’t work) but I admit it was partly because I couldn’t figure out a way of physrepping the sort of look that I wanted.

I’m not sure I’d actually go for it myself because of the tagelmust, but I do admire the swan look.

I love the way you have put your tattoos on top of your lineage spirals. It really adds depth to them. :slight_smile:

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