Plate and chain

At E2, I was a squishy Freeborn physick.

I’m acquiring some pieces of plate and chain… assuming I can move in it (I’ll try skirmishes on Friday and see how I cope; also now working on fitness to help cope with weight and cardio). Still good for a Freeborn Corsair PHYSICK?

I don’t want to be on the front lines… I also don’t want to look like a target, because of no armour.

But I do think about a) being Freeborn with plate and chain; b) ‘could I swim in this?’ because corsair. But I am draughir, and we can be practical… but maybe I’m being paranoid (also draughir trait).

ETA: my ‘plate’ is the splint-style bracers and greaves (Mytholon’s “Ragnar”) atop canvas padding; and a chain shirt over a canvas gambeson. I am looking at the torso plate “Persian/Char-a’ina” from Epic Armoury.


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen brass coast in plate. I think I’ve seen a few wearing chain made from gold links.

The look and feel page suggests that scale is more popular for the Freeborn.

Yeah, couldn’t afford scale, way out of the budget. Plate and chain were affordable. I’m looking at the splint greaves and braces, and a chain shirt; all of these have padded layer beneath. I’ve worn chain without padding… it’s very uncomfortable.

Scale is however physically heavier than chain and less transferable between nations.

In terms of apparent practicality, a breastplate and helm are the sort of things you can ditch in a hurry, especially if you built in some (even non functional) quick-release pins. I used to wear that on my ritual mage as armour I could ditch for casting.They’re an easy +4 Hits and fit in most nations.

If you want to make plate look super freeborn, I’d strip all the oil off with a degreaser and then paint it! Painted plate was historically widely used because it stops rusting and works as insignia, and a breastplate in sea colours or flame colours could look fantastic. Spraypaint, a stencil and maybe tracing the lines in gold (to hide the spray edges) would go a long way without needing much skill or more than £10-15 of cheap paint. Another good option would be spraypaint and then model-painting enamel.

Mail, of course, is the Little Black Dress of armour and works everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:


You can also hide your armour under various silks and things like that. Your armour doesn’t have to be visible to work.

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That’s on the agenda of things to make once the kit’s arrived. I don’t know what my measurements will become, once the kit’s on. But a sleeveless or short-sleeved canvas djellaba might be something.

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I’m going to quote you on that :slight_smile: