[Player Event] Freeborn Fundraiser and Feast


With help from Will Power, Loz Hensel and James Bore I’m running a player event based out of the Kabalai Palace.

It will be on the 27th of February, near Manchester.

It’s a fundraiser to start the process of creating a school (in the form of a sinecure or great work) to educate all the slaves we’re working to free from Jarm, the Iron Confederacy, the Grendel and elsewhere.

But it’s not just a social event, there’ll also be a couple of skirmishes for those Courageous souls who want to go out and fight Slavers themselves.

For those who aren’t up for combat, there will also be plot in the form of non-imperial visitors, possibly from the Autumn realm, Faraden or even the Iron Confederacy…

Tickets start from 2 crowns (and £35 OC) which includes two meals, some games, and access to an auction of extremely valuable goods and services.