Plot for parents

Looking for some help/advice regarding character and plot please guys.
I know this is probably covered somewhere deep in here but I can’t find it.

So…I’m fairly new to empire, been to two or three events although I played a little in F&H but would not consider myself a fantastic role player yet.

The issue in having is finding ways of getting into plot whilst looking after my four boys at the same time. I just don’t have the time to dedicate myself to finding some plot (minus the fact I’m fairly shy too).

Is there any advice to be had from people in my situation?
I’m a winter marker and in a group who are great, but I really want to expand into other groups etc too
I’d love to get into the general/army side of things but I imagine meetings etc take a long time and I can’t be tied up for long periods of time.

This is an area I am struggling with as well. How old are your children?

Mine are five and nine. We spend much of the day in the Academy, and generally leave site about 8. I definitely can’t attend meetings, and it is difficult to have a sensible conversation with anyone (because bored five year olds are trouble).

Best advise would be bring a partner and split the time with the children between you. The one event I had my partner with me was wonderful (but having been unable to get anything done when he was with the children he is refusing to come back). If your partner will kindly do monster duty for you, even better. Camping IC can be a big help, as you can do a lot in the evenings when the children tucked up in bed (although a responsible adult needs to be within arms reach of their tent).

Of course partners and IC camping may not be an option (they aren’t for me). At that point I would suggest scaling back your ambitions, and embracing the Academy. The Academy are wonderful, and you will get to see plot… even if it is Academy plot. :slight_smile:

My boys are 13, 11, 8 and 5. They are really good in terms of keeping themselves busy and we camp in character too. My group, Bjornholt are wonderful with them and help me so I can battle and monster too but I hate to ask them too much more because I don’t want to impact their roleplaying too.
We do attend the academy and we love their skirmishes but I suppose I’m having a bit of an issue with balancing their fun and my roleplay.

I suppose maybe lowering my expectations is a realistic idea to be honest. I think I was just being a bit grump last night because i’m one of these people that likes to have a plan/concept :slight_smile:

Maybe i’ll just turn up and go with the flow a bit more. If I can’t find plot, i’ll just have to cause some trouble instead :wink:

I am anticipating bringing a small person (3 year old) to Empire for the next event, for the first time. My wife and I are planning to trade him off over the weekend (for a suit of plate mail… no, just joking), and camping IC. We’ve obtained a big enough tent with a large awning and a closable bed area at the back, to enable us to have a snoozing small at the back while we sit out front.

Still not anticipating getting to do lots of stuff, follow all the plots, etc. I suspect it’ll be my wife grabbing small while I go and battle/monster, then I have him in the afternoons, and we do shifts in the evening.

If you’re on your own, then… I think you’re pretty much tied to them. Especially with four of them…

My youngest started at three…although the first event he came to he got out of the car to shin high mud, fell over, i got him changed and he fell over again and that’s when i realised it was time to take him home. Since then we’ve been blessed with good weather and he really loves it.

I’m thinking of adjusting my character to being an archer type and then literally leave my skill points until I’ve found an area of game I can get on with. Artisan was great but I spend a lot of my resources on the boys (IC sweets, drinks etc. There is an iced tea place they love that does apple crisps which is where a lot of our income goes). The other issue with Artisan is I only attend 2 events a year so I lose all the downtime options and it’s hard to get commissions as I can’t promise to be at the next event.

I’m tempted by Winter Lore but I generally have no idea what I’m doing so might just explore it in the field and then spend skill points at the event if it works.

How do you find buying kit for the little ones? They keep growing which I’m finding a little selfish of them haha

So I am very new and this might sound dumb so please don’t hate me for it. But is it possible to hire a guard? Again dumb sounding I know, but finding someone qualified to look after children in OOC (maybe on the forums) and hire them out for the night you need to attend a meeting

Practically a baby sitter in empire :smiley:

“Any under-7 must be supervised at all times by a parent or nominated carer.”

From the wiki. So in theory, find an impovrished LARPer who’s Childcare qualified and willing to look after the child in exchange for an entrance ticket…

I’m not sure playing a baby sitter is going to appeal to many, and would most likely be restricted to groups of friends.

Well there are a number of the methods to poke plot related stuff from Anvil, you can read about a bunch of them in this thread:

But the one I’d recommend is if you could pick up magical lore and get a ritual group together for either Swim Levianthan’s Depth or Clear Counsel of the Everflowing River.

SWD is a magnitude 18 Day rituals that lets you ask the Eternal Leviathan questions and have them answer them at the regio. Pro-tip take a notebook as he’ll tell you what he knows verbally and if you’re lucky he’ll waxy lyrical at you for a while :slight_smile:.

CCotER is a magitude 20 Night ritual that lets you ask questions to the Eternal Sung and have them send an answer back, once again at the regio but this time by letter.

They both prefer interesting and intriguing questions and there is an art to crafting questions, so I would definitely recommend asking around to find people who’ve had success before.

They’re both excellent ways to get more information about plot, for example things that are going on in the Winds of Fortune can be good things to ask about.

If you’re able to pick up a rank or two or the relevant lore, with mastery that gives you a step on the way of casting them. You will need to build a coven, but perhaps you might be able to make your two oldest work for their pocket money? :smiley: And have some fun casting rituals in the regio.

Once you’ve done this once or twice and told people what you’ve found you may start to get people coming to you with questions they would like asking. Remember to charge them a few crystals for your time :slight_smile:.

Thanks for that, I’ve done some ritual research and think I have a really good plan for a character that has plenty of opportunity for role play but it’s quite self sufficient in terms of time.
I just need to find out if it’ll work which I suppose is something for me to try and work out in the field…fingers crossed I’m right though

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Das Shoppe who trades in traders row with second hand larp kit always has a bin of kids gear, and she may be able to make you an offer on the stuff they have just grown out of also.

wwellsy: regarding kit for kids depending on what nation you are looking at you might find that there are people looking to pass on kit. we have passed on kit that our 3 year old wore for the first 3 years and been given some back for our 3 month old.

between me and my wife I play a Winter ritualist and do magic and my wife is an artisan/alchemist who does trade and politics. We share looking after the kids but due to my lack of female specific body parts my wife does the majority of looking after the kids. We have found it tough to go out and get involved in the game when sometimes the kids are just being a pain in the arse. I would be interested in how other people manage to get out and about and not just to the academy (which is great btw).

Geoffery_willoughby: what nation are you looking to play? In the Navarr the pathfinders has grown a sort of communal keeping an eye on each others kids while we go and do things. we give each other company at night while the kids are asleep and we cant go off wandering and are more than happy to keep an ear out if there is something that you want to go and do (as long as we can come find you if needed). I’m sure there are other similar setups in other nations. Drop me a message if you want a chat, I might be able to point you at groups of parents in other nations, or we can make sure you have an IC space near other parents to help keep you entertained in the Navarr.

Thank you for the offer, but I have a character and group in Dawn. I suspect I’ll be teaming up with another couple of the Dawnish parents.

The main kit I struggle with is the soft kit or base layer really. I’m not a partcularly creative person in terms of costume so I really struggle to think of ideas that are within my budget.
I spent a lot of time on Pinterest this week and have found a few ideas that I’m going to try and make myself to help keep cost down and I’ll see how it goes from there.

@wwellsy what nation are you in? If it’s nation appropriate I would go for t-tunics cut from a single piece of material with generous hems on the sleeves/arms. Materials wise some fabric shops do roll ends that they sell by the kilo - my local one in Manchester sell linen-look for about £12 a kilo and most of my kit is made from it. I can find you the tutorial I used for my first kit if you want, and happy to chat.

Sorry if I’m giving you information you already have etc

Charity shop linen rails are your friend for fabric on a budget. A sheet will make base layer tunics for almost everyone, curtains usually provide enough fabric for robes.

Added benefit they’ll machine wash!

For childrens kit, don’t worry about being 100% on brief. A simple tunic layered up a bit with cardigans etc is fine. Everyone would prefer a warm happy child whose kit is a bit ‘off’ to a cold crying one who looks AmAzInG! (occasionally the fates align and you find the perfect thing in a charity shop or something, but not all the time!)

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I have used a large (plain) man’s t-shirt with a belt added as a very cheap tunic for my daughter. If you get the right colour, or just run it through the wash enough times, it can be very effective as a base layer and many men have them just sitting there in a drawer. I know I do.

Ikea blankets are cheap and warm and come in colours suitable for cloaks, which can be fixed with a pin, assuming you don’t want to make a ‘proper’ cloak out of them. I wore a grey one as part of my adult costume once (that linen shirt which was so nice and cool while the sun was up got nippling cold once it set) and it looked fine. Not really League-level opulence, but practicality always trumps style once the rain and wind show up…