Poi balls?

Hi all. Me again! What are the rules regarding poi balls and poi dancing? LED poi balls, of course - I know there’s rules about fire on site. Basically, would I get frowned at for using LED poi balls?

Well those sort of lights are strictly speaking IC as Uzireni Glowstones or Lightstones but as it says on there if you’re able to diffuse the light somehow to disguise their modern origin that would be better. Don’t know exactly how you’d do that, but potentially you might be able to wrap gauze or something round them? You’d need to experiment with them to see how that would work.

If anyone has done this before or has more knowledge on this please shout as I am a knowless-person on this subject :slight_smile: .

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What you can do is get one of those plastic coffee jars and then stick various different bits of coloured tissue paper. The paper should be able to let some light out but should cover the contents of the jar so you can’t see that the lights are more modern. You will probably have to experiment with this. I hope this helps.

That’s how people do lanterns but I was a little hesitant to suggest that as they would need to be very firmly attached as they will be wirring around at rather high speed and could be a liiiitle dangerous :slight_smile:.

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Ah I see. Maybe do get some foam pieces and make some sort of cage around it. It might make it look more authentic. If that doesn’t look right you could turn it into a glowing flail (you wouldn’t be able to use it as a weapon but it might be a good disguise). Other wise I think you are right in suggesting gauze. What you could do with that is get a piece, surround the ball with it and then sew it closed so it stays on.

There are glowing poi balls that come pre-obscured. A quick search finds me LED Poi – Pixel Glow Poi – Buy LED Poi Sets – Cheap Glow Poi


I was enjoying coming up with home made solutions but finding ones ready made is probably better.

While you’ll only get a formal opinion by emailing rules@pd, my unofficial opinion is that LED poi look pretty inherently modern when they’re being spun. The best choice would be to avoid them, I think - go with flags or streamers during the day and fire or no spinning at night.


Thank you, I’ll invest in some non-LED ones with tails for during the day :slight_smile:

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I think it’s worth checking officially about rules on fire-poi.
There was one event this summer during the drought, with long dry grass and especially strict rules about fires, but that was unusual.