Pricing for a Card Reading?

New player here, a big part of my character is the fact that they have family history of divination and she carries her cards and a casting mat everywhere with her to offer her services in exchange for a story or, a couple of coins.

Now I haven’t been able to find anything in this vein so I’d love to hear some suggestions/be advised on how to price the readings. I can do full readings but for the sake of IC time I’m going to generally be sticking to a three card reading/casting. Just past, present and future, nothing incredibly long winded or intensive.

(By the way the cards won’t be immersion breaking at all, they’re an old un-laminated brown card stock that were hand printed in black ink, no words on them either! So, incredibly delicate but absolutely worth it)

for a story or a couple of coins, I’d definately stick to below 5rings. I don’t know if there is anyone else doing this (or indeed if card-reading is an IC thing… Day magic divination?), so you may have to find a price through trial and error.

Hah, silly thought. If you do a reading for someone, will you be reading for the player or the character? :slight_smile:

I’m afraid im going to have to give you the stock answer on this one… “find out on the field.”
it all depends on how much people are willing to spend on card readings. Id start by picking a price, just a random round about guesstamate. if no one is buying, maybe lower your price to entice more people. If your having to fend people off with a flaming stick, maybe raise your price.
However, and i do apologize, but the best answer i can give is “idk, you’ll have to see”

I’ve offered tarot and rune reading before, but not had much uptake (being in Highguard where we’re meant to disapprove of such things). I think rune reading is popular in Wintermark.

A few rings is probably the right price for a reading.

I was only going to stay around 2 rings from my first instinct, I wasn’t going to charge at all initially but the option is there and it’s a fun thing to apply mechanics to, probably will just add a cheeky line about feel free to throw a ring or two in this direction.

Well to be honest I had thought of that but my character only shows the very specific step of where another character is in The Great Dance in her mind. Just at that very moment. While she has a sort of ritual for it it’s absolutely just a personal thing and not a magical based one. She doesn’t claim to have visions and fudge with the power of the realms and all that. It’s a family custom, her great grandfather would look to the cards before his wife went to battle but it just branched out as it went down the generational line.

I’ve helped fund the Kickstarter for the actual official Empire deck that lists divination as one use, which you can read a bit about here:

I’ll let people handle the cards before I shuffle so I suppose it depends how IC they’re feeling at the time, either way, should be fun :smile:

Considering everyone gets 18 rings and “an average pint” costs a bit more than 2 rings I think you can try charging a bit more as you’re effectively charging for a short performance. Look around for what stuff costs on the field on Friday and see what people are charging. Make it an experience and you should get custom.

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I think it depends on if you want this to be a money making venture. If it is, then I can understand having a set price point. If you’re mostly doing it for the roleplay and just want something in exchange, then you could have a kind of “pay what you want” offer.

When I was making potions for people, I would ask them for the ingredients then “A contribution to my prosperity” and people would usually pay whatever they were comfortable with.

I’ve had some wealthy merchants pay me a crown for directions once, so you’d be surprised how much people are willing to pay for something they want, no matter how small it is.


You will find people’s ability to pay varies wildly across the field; for some characters a few rings represents a chunk of their overall income (priests in particular are prone to this), for some a crown is nothing special. I’m not very good at trading, but a flexible approach to pricing (discounts for arbitrary things, maybe?) might be better than a fixed fee.

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It’s definitely all for the roleplay opportunities and the chance to give someone’s character something to think about rather than the money, for sure. I’ll take a story or something to munch or whatever people feel like giving.

Thanks for adding your own experience, it definitely means I’ll be sticking with my original instinct, just wing it and see what comes my way! I thought it’d be worth just before the weekend to see the lay of the land for these sorts of things.

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I find IC card readings for characters are generally extremely spookily relevant to the character and not to me OC…