Pricing fudge IC?

Hey, not sure this is the right subforum for this but I’m looking to be bringing along some bags of homemade vanilla fudge to sell IC as a peddlar. I understand this is fine and even encouraged to some degree but having only been to one event I’m not too sure how to price it. I’d be hoping to get a decent price for it seeing as it’s really nice fudge but i only have my own one-event purse to go buy. See attached pictures for scale and weight (it’s 4 oz about 120g)

PS, will I need to tell people it contains dairy or can I assume that anyone who needs to avoid dairy would ask before buying fudge? I mean, I’ve seen peanuts saying “May contain nuts” so who knows.

I think about 5 rings would be fairly standard, but if you’re confident that it’s good fudge you can bump that up a bit.

4 to 5 rings would be usual. How much you can get for foodstuffs depends a lot on its rarity, quality, how much you have to sell and how much effort you’re willing to put into doing it. If you’re willing to walk the field actively selling, you’ll sell more at a higher price than if you’re in one place waiting for people to come to you. Worth starting high and revising your price as the weekend goes on if it looks like you’re going to have leftovers.

Thanks! About 5 rings was my estimate too.

I don’t know… I think for most people it’s quite easy to go through life without knowing what goes into fudge, but people who need to avoid dairy stuff would be more likely to know.
To be on the safe side, your character’s sales patter could include extolling the quality of the ingredients: only the freshest, whitest milk and yellowest butter from the healthiest best-fed cattle…

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To be cautious, you could include a little list of ingredients with each purchase - which could double up as an IC business card.

As someone who has to avoid dairy, I know to avoid fudge, and in general most people won’t care that it contains dairy, so telling everyone will be a waste of your valuable haggling time.

If you have time to make ingredient/business cards, that is excellent (and leaving them around in bars might help direct business towards you), but mostly people who need to know will know to ask.

Ask the Del Toro’s in the brass coast. They tend to have a wonderful dairy free Coconut fudge that’s quite like tablet.