Priest skills and Skirmish

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I ended up waiting a long time for a Skirmish last session only to get kicked from the squad at the last minute as someone with better equipment turned up. While I suspect this might have been a one-off case, I’m keen to reroll my character and add some support skills to prevent it happening again.

I’m considering creating a Priest of Prosperity for the Marches, a kind of Friar tuck country bumpkin type who regularly gets drunk on the congregation cider but always has a warm hearth and a pasty for the weary. With this in mind, what skills are good for adding utility to a skirmish group?

Can I use prosperity in any way to overcome fear auras? Or any other common skirmish auras?
Are exorcism or consecration useful?

If prosperity isn’t too useful, which other virtues might fit the brief and prove more practical?

Please note there are not many places on any skirmish, so whoever finds the opportunity is always going to pick the people they think are most likely to achieve whatever win condition they are after.

There are people who have been playing for several years who have only managed 1 or 2. Please try not to be upset that you didn’t get to go.

Building a character purely to go on skirmishes may not get you much game so do also think about what you’re going to do with the rest of your time.


Thanks Charlie.

I appreciate that, I’m more looking to add utility to an existing concept; rather than build something specifically around skirmishes. Perhaps ‘Priest skills with battlefield usefulness’ would be a better title?

Ok in the past when dealing with the Druj there have been monsters in battles (and I believe skirmishes) which required exorcising to ensure they stayed down. We’ve also seen miasma’s caused by things that needed a lot of consecrators to cleanse. I don’t know if these are going to show up again but they might.

Ideally what a priest who goes to fights needs is a Sungold Basin which lets you use dedicate and a dose of liao to effectively use the Stay with me skill. Which is rather handy.

But to be honest a lot of getting on Skirmishes is about knowing the people who organise the parties who go on them and being considered reliable. As my last character I had the advantage of being a plate wearing paladin type with a great weapon, which is always popular. But for your Friar Tuck character you might consider Chirurgeon or potentially some hero points and either Get it Together or Stay with me. As support to get people off the floor is always useful in Skirmishes.

One possibility is you could also roll up a Landskeeper friar with some battlemagic, as Restore Limb, Heal and Purify can be very useful.

Do you have a group you could see what would complement them to take as another thing with Skirmishes is turning up with a few of you who are used to working together is also persuasive in getting you on them.

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Mechanically, all anointings and consecrations (no matter which Virtue) provide a source of spiritual strength which can be used to overcome roleplaying effects.

I couldn’t comment on what auras are commonly encountered on quests or skirmishes, but Prosperity auras work just as well as the others. However, from a roleplaying perspective, they are more geared towards activities outside of combat. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t work, though! The auras of Prosperity are listed here, if you haven’t seen them yet.

The Virtues that speak more directly to combat (to me, anyhow) are Courage and Vigilance, or to a lesser extent Ambition, Pride and Loyalty, but a Prosperity priest with a particular mindset around fighting hard with specific benefit in mind could well be an interesting thing to build a character around.

My group are the Holsburger Houdagen. And we are the most successful mercenary company in the league and by extension the empire (and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise :smile:) We are happy to have auras of prosperity. “You need to be alive at the end to enjoy the prosperity you have earned. Keeping disciplined while out numbered will allow you to fight as double your number.
And if you must spend your life then spend it wisely.”

My recently deceased character was a fully stacked up heavy armoured Warrior Priest of Courage with a big sod-off hammer. As I had the ability to exorcise and consecrate I was always a prime choice for Varushkan skirmishes (which tend to have some malign spiritual gubbins more often than not).

Priests are damm useful. It’s my thought for the next character I play. A really mercenary preist of prosperity. Right militant too.

Similarly, my previous character was a Vigilance priest in full clank with a sword, shield, exorcise and Stay with me. Similar builds are always favs for skirmishes.