My character is from Hercynia so I looked up the pronunciation guide to check how to say is properly. The wiki says it should be pronounced; Herr-KIN-ee-ah. But whenever I’ve heard people say it on podcasts or in YouTube videos (I have yet to attend my first event to hear people say it in person) they have all pronounced it; Herr-sin-ee-ah, including one of the game developers on the Empire podcast. So do different people just pronounce it differently or is the wiki wrong?

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Individual accents are going to be wide and varied considering the Empire is about he size of western Europe (roughly) so different pronunciations at Anvil is not going to be unusual. In Highguard we get different stress syllables on Casinea which occasionally leads to mild confusion.

Feel free to correct everyone who says it ‘wrong’ if that’s how your character feels about it, but otherwise I wouldn’t worry too much.


General rule of thumb is that the wiki is the most correct version of the truth, but that doesn’t mean that the people of the Empire all speak identically as CharlieP says (in part due to most people not having time to read the entire wiki, so people saying things differently to the wiki is common).

My advice is to stick to the wiki versions where you can, but don’t be mean about it! Make a joke about different local variants on the name and crack on. You cannot possibly hope to absorb every single one correctly so you’ll get things wrong too. :slight_smile:


Forget the Vallorn: the Herr-KIN-ee-ah / Herr-sin-ee-ah debate is the longest-running battle fought by the Navarr nation.