Proof of negative lateral flow


What proof is best of a negative LFT? Is a photo enough.


From the wording on the wiki, it’s an honour system.

Having a photo with you won’t hurt, of course. The way to get an official answer is email though.


Cheers for the link!

Yeah the wording’s a bit strange it begins stating that proof will be required and then further down it’s says that you’ll just be asked if you’ve done a test and gotten a negative result. :person_shrugging:t3: I’ll take a picture anyway, it can’t hurt.
Cheers :+1:

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EDIT: This post is only worth reading for anyone with a stash of LFTs from when pharmacies handed them out for free or they’re supplied via your employer (and even in the latter case only maybe).

It’s only just occurred to me that where you said photo, I’ve effectively read “screenshot” and assumed you were referring to the confirmation message you get after reporting an LFT result on

(The following assumes you’re living in the UK; if that’s not the case then I definitely would suggest checking with PD since you might have other options for registering a covid pass.)

If you’ve never had to report an LFT result before, it takes a couple of minutes to fill out the online form, possibly less if you happen to know your NHS number and/or can type faster than I do (which isn’t difficult). You then get a text acknowledgement, which will be a better proof than just a photo of the test cartridge, and gives you a code to put into the relevant covid app for your home location if you use it.

URL for LFT reporting is Report a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test result - GOV.UK

I’ve never had to wait more than 30 minutes from filling the form out to getting the acknowledgement text (and I still do them twice weekly for work) so reporting shouldn’t delay your journey to Anvil at all.

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Just to note, you can’t report your LFT result on the NHS website if you have paid for the test yourself, only if you’re still receiving them for free.

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Thanks for clarifying, Triska. I had no idea there was a division like that.

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I can get LFTs from work, get 7 a week, happy to help anyone in North London out with one for event

I’m getting confused with the wording now. I’m Dutch and fully boostered. Do I need anything else?

You’re basically good.

You are being asked to take a lateral flow and ensure it is negative before attending. But this will not be checked.

Still email PD with your proof of vaccinations anyway so your account can be updated that you have that. :slight_smile:

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