Psa: it's gonna be chilly

This is the weather forecast for this weekend. Please note while its pegged to be dry, the windchill is pretty high. So tempretures are going to be quite cool all event and “brisk” at night. Layer up as much as possible and take care of yourselves.

Ps There is a chance that the wind could pick up, so make sure and tents are guyed out properly, and any pegs well hammered in.


brings every item of bedding and two sets of thermals

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More helpfully, this thread has some tips:

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I shall be taking my sleeping bag liner, and big thick socks for sleeping in.

P.S. To any of the newbies/anyone who are new to larp or camping, if you feel cold, ill or out of sorts please speak up. At worst, you will be moved closer to a fire and a snack put in your hands, (actually that also what is best too). Like wise if people start to flag, ask if they need a bite or hot drink. You can not always tell if you are running down. Also if the worst happens and your tent floods or such talk your group/ egregore/ mates and see about getting sorted. Space in a tent can usually be found, some dry clothes scrounged, It doesnt matter if your in wintermark but running around in a targlemust, a rain coat with a load of jumpers under it, a highguard tabbard over the top and big obvious wellies. Your health matters more than looking IC and now you have a story about wisdom, prosperity and loyalty.


Weather is very changeable ATM. Chance of rain and general drizzle has increased. Wind to be steady 11mph with gusts to 18 to 20mph from the north meaning the wind will bite.

Damnit, here I was hoping for a nice clear final event of the year! I’m such a fair-weather larper!

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Been feeling cold even at work and home recently, so not looking forward to the chill this weekend. Definitely packing hand-warmers and SO MANY socks!