Questing Knight, Armour and Heraldry question

Hello Everyone

I’m really hoping to join Dawn as a Questing Knight.

I have some old String mail (from my LT days) that I was hoping to wear, in lieu of actual money that I can buy mail with. With the new rules announcement could it be classed as mail or would I just be attacked with sticks until I took it off.

Also as a questing knight, the wiki isn’t clear, do they wear the Blue and Yellow sun dawn heraldry like Knight Errants or the coat of arms of their house?

Background wise I was hoping to come as a questing knight whose house/benefactor was destroyed during the relatively recent Druj invasion. I would then seek a new sponsor from the houses in attendance.

Thanks in advance for answers and constructive feedback.

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Please ignore the first question regarding string mail. Just read the rules again and it’s VERY clear.

eBay it is!

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yes, 'fraid so, string maille is still on the NO list… :slight_smile:

Might I reccomend poly plate? Quite light, cheap and fancy?

A Questing Knight is one who has completed their Test of Mettle, but not joined a House (often found in a questing order, of which we have a few). They wear their personal heraldry.

A Knight Errant (possibly what you mean) generally wears the (Royal Sun on Blue), waiting till they are a full member to wear the House colours.

Background is fine, that puts you from either Semmerholm or the Barrens. You could then work out a new Test with a suitable sponser, or see if the would honour your old goal, or possibly appeal to the Egregore?

If the latter, and you complete your Test, you’d then go from Knight Errant (seeking to join a House) to either a lone Noble (as the only representative of an otherwise absent/destroyed House) or indeed a Questing Knight (test passed, no House).


Thanks very much.

I am planning Questing Knight (passed test of Mettle but no house) I’m too old to go through the test of mettle as fun as that would be.

The wiki says that questing knights and orders sometimes require a patron who funds their questing. Which is why my character rocks up to the event.

Thanks for the recommendation of plate and the information on Heraldry. I do like the idea of designing my own heraldry.



One thing to consider that as a questing knight, you are technically all that is needed to restart your house. Your House wouldn’t be completely destroyed unless you chose to join another house. (Which could be an interesting choice.)

Also there isn’t an age limit on the test of mettle, I’m not sure what the oldest age of a player passing a test of mettle is but there are players in their 30’s and 40’s who have completed one in play.

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I see. Thanks for that.

It’s more that I can’t see myself coming to enough events a year to pass an IC test of Mettle within a reasonable time period.

And since the end goal would probably Questing Knight anyway I thought I would cut out the middle man.