Questing Knight Looking for Advice

Right, so, after much deliberation I settled on a Questing Knight (Sort of War Witch flavoured, build is atrocious for partial IRL reasons involving moving kit around the country on trains). For my first event the only person I know properly who plays is going Orc this time so I’ma need to find some game myself. As a Questing Knight I’m not going to be part of a house, and I’d rather look at knightly orders in field. What advice you guys got for li’l ol’ me?

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As a Questing Knight, you are (a) a noble, and (b) not really tied to any House.

(You had better have © a pretty good backstory about your Test of Mettle)

This puts you in an enviable position. You could feasibly visit every group in Dawn (Houses, Orders, Covens, whatever) and they will likely be trying to recruit you.

Take your time. Choose with whom to fight, to quest, to party… and make your decision on the basis of that. By their deeds shall you know them.

Your OOC mission: Search Dawn for an Order (or indeed House) worthy of YOU!

If you think this means you’ll be an egotistical show-off grand-standing and chewing the scenery… you’ll fit in to Dawn very well…

Questing knight is not an archetype I’ve really looked at yet, so that’s the best I can give… I suspect there’ll be others popping up here, and of course, there’s also the facebook group for Dawn, if you haven’t asked there.

I am happy to answer any other questions re Dawn, if you like :slight_smile:

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Any tips for checking out the Houses / Orders when in play other than turning up and just being all like “Sup”?

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Well obviously start with the ones that colour co-ordinate with you…

I jest, you need to do them in alphabetical order, and take copious notes…

Nope, still joking :stuck_out_tongue:

To a certain extent, " 'Sup?" is about it…

You are, in-game, seeking a group to affiliate with. So visit each one, introduce yourself, ask after their group and objectives, future goals and past glories…

(Dawn more than any other nation will happily talk about themselves…)

… and on that basis, make up a mental shortlist of folk to get to know better.

Example lines:

“Tell me of your House. What have you accomplished for Dawn and the Empire?”

“I am an accomplished and skilled Knight of Dawn. Why should I fight alongside you?”

“What have you to offer beyond martial might?”

“Is your House well led? Prove it…”

“What is the most glorious thing you lot have done this past year?”

“I have no wish to join an impoverished House. Are your lands and Seneschal Prosperous?”

“How would you define Glory?”

I play in House Tour de Cendres (livery of black and gold). Feel free to drop by and interrogate us :slight_smile:


Like any Empire group, I’d suggest searching for players you click with. If you’re Dawn and take the field, find the group you enjoy fighting with. Afterwards, seek them out at Anvil and see what they’re like off the field. Chances are that, if they’re a good fit, you’ll get along quickly and can watch to see how they operate. If you decide you want to be part of the group,you can bring it up. My biggest piece of advice is to not rush into a group, get to really know them first.

The starter phrase “I am new to Anvil…” tells other players that you might need a bit more information, or a more thorough explanation so makes use of that if you need to.

I would also read the Winds of War and Winds of Fortune and look out for anything that mentions Dawn, or the Dawnish armies, or your flavour of magic and decide what opinion your character has on those events, as that will give you something else to talk about too.


Yo! Welcome to Dawn New Dawnish person!

Others have given great advice already so imma just add a little side note (I created an account just to do this so I think it’s important I swear!)

If your taking a combat capable character I strongly recommend you go to the new player skirmish on the Friday before time in! It’s aces, teaches you all the combat basics, all the calls for empire and its also a great way to meet new players in your nation who might be in the same boat as you!

Also, I’m the skirmish organiser for Dawn and I help out at them so come say hi and I’ll make sure to kick people looking for War Witches to fight with them in your general direction!

I’ll be the loud shiny masc one in gold with a big shield… That won’t narrow it down a lot but it’s a start!


I concur with all the advice given above, but would also suggest you have a chat with the egregores in the field. They can point you towards groups you might find fit you well, so you’re not just turning up on spec. At the very least it gives you an opening line: ‘The egregore said you were worth talking to… why is that?’ :slight_smile:

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I play a dawnish knight Erant; who spent his first 2 events looking at different houses, and I am going to suggest somethign relatively contravertial.

When we are in the field everyone is pretty busy- you only have 2.5 days to do 1/4 of all the things you want to do this year. When people get home after the event normally they’ll really miss it, and wish they were back there. If E1 doesn’t happen this feeling will be even stronger.

What I would suggest is writing yourself a letter of introduction, and sending it to the leaders of the houses/orders (possibly via people on the fb dawn group). It could ask for things like peoples house/order stories and goals.

Of course not everyone will respond, but odds are that you would get some realy interesting responses - these may be much more detailed than what you would get on the field; and if you do this before you first meet them, this means you have something to talk about other than just 'sup; and it gives you another layer of information when your picking your ic group.


That sounds really amazing. Can you explain to a noob why people will think it controversial?

I suspect it’s cos there is an aversion, if not an actual rule, against playing the game via social media.

“Play by mail” with IC letters is not that, but could be mistaken for that in the wrong light.

I think that a letter to a few Dawnish Earls or Order leaders, asking about their attitudes to Questing Knights, past glories, etc, will get some interesting (and entirely in-character) responses.

And then you can show up at their camp with a letter of introduction :slight_smile:


I’m going to be contrary in a new way, as all questing knights are FROM a house, the one they passed a test of mettle for. Even if they aren’t particularly involved with one. A Questing Knight will end up with that duality between the house they came from and the order they are part of.

Now this could be an NPC house, nothing stops you making up a house, but sole representative of a house at Anvil, might pull you in a different direction to questing knight. However compared to a character where it’s their primary group there is less to loose from a non-perfect fit with a PC House. Worst case scenerio you don’t get on well so don’t end up interacting with them (but that’s fine for a questing knight.) While on the other hand you can tie your character to existing characters in a way which creates links that might be a source of fun.

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