Question about songs and stories

So in advance of my first event I was listening to a couple of podcasts about empire and came across songs and stories as a thing. My mates are playing varuskan so I’m going to end up playing a warden but I was wondering whether songs and stories was open to non-Navarri. Also, is the expectation that any contribution be original or would performing something traditionally varuskan be on brief?

As far as I know…

yes, any nation can roll up to S&S.

Original is good. Varushkan is good. Pretty much anything entertaining goes, just don’t sing something recognisably from the real world or a different game/setting…


I think the only recommendation was bring something to sit on if you can, otherwise all welcome, joiners in, listeners or people with their own contributions.

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I’m a Varuskan who loves going to songs and stories. Its open to everyone no matter the nation though most Varushkans stay at the Hearth Fire as it has the same sort of purpose but with more gossip. Songs and stories takes it to another level with far more nations participating and far more groups. I agree, if you go you probably want to bring your own chair as it gets packed quickly.

On the point of contributing, your free to do whatever as a warden is likely you’ve met all sorts of people and know lots for songs/stories to perform. If you want to do something Varuskan try the facebook group. The bards over there will be able to point you in the right direction.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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That’s really useful thanks. Now to find out more about hearth fire as well

So the hearth is at the centre of the Varushkan camp. Everyone will gather there at time in on the Friday so you literally can’t miss it. During the day, if you want to find someone ask at the hearth, if you want gossip sit at the hearth, if your fighting muster is at the hearth, if you want to trade go to the hearth, if you want to get involved in plot something will be happening at the hearth if you stick your nose in.

Then its lit at sundown after the camp warding (at sunset everyone sings, shouts and makes noise as the wardens lead everyone around camp to keep the monsters out) or earlier if it’s cold/wet enough. They there we be songs and stories, people will pass around food and drink as hospitality as lots of people from other nations stop by as well. After people come back from Senate, Military Council and Conclave there will be more gossip. Songs and Stories finishes late but the hearth will be there until the last person goes to bed… if they go to bed.

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The intimacy of the Varushkan hearth and the fact it isn’t exclusively a performance space can make it a bit more intimidating than songs and stories, but I 100% recommend performing around the fire. Varushkans can be intimidating, but it is a supportive community and if you pluck up the courage to be like “I have a tale to share/song to sing”, it can be a very rewarding experience for everyone. Some of my best experiences with IC performances have been around the Varushkan hearth.

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Your question seems to be answered, so all I can do is echo those voices mentioning spending time at the Varushkan hearth fire, and say welcome to Varushka! We look forward to having you :slight_smile: