Question for anyone who played in 377YE

Myself and a friend have written into our backstories alot about the fall and liberation of Treji, our charaters having once called it home. We were wandering if the liberaion of Treji was an actual battle/skirmish that people played in??
If so we would love to say hi

From this page it looks like it fell in 372YE and the Imperial Orc armies liberated it in 377YE -

Thank you, I really was just wandering if the Liberation of Treji was a player fought battle.

It’s tricky as there are only player kept notes from the first year of what battles were fought. That text implies it was done in downtime though.

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Thank you so much

Hi. I was playing when that happened, as a character in Military Council where the decision was made.
There wasn’t an uptime battle and frankly the whole thing was a bit of a footnote.
Basically it was the only place the Summer Storm could get to that season where they might accomplish anything useful at all, as they were trying to stay near the Thule border in hopes of carving out new territory that might become an Imperial Orc homeland. If I recall correctly, there was a battle opportunity which we didn’t take to clear out some ex-Thule bandits in Hercynia, so the Storm went there in downtime instead, conveniently keeping them close to where they wanted to be.


Thank you so much.