Question for Rapier owners

I’m looking to potentially get a rapier and the few I have found, owners have told me about how hard the pommel was(I hear this might be an issue) and how off balance it was. I was wondering where everyone got their rapiers from so that I might find a hopefully better options,

I have a Calimacil Agrippa, which is… rapier shaped. The balance is off, the sword is dense and heavier than others its size, but it’s a survivor. It shrugs off abuse, like being stepped on, without (so far, touch wood) failing a weapons check in any system I have used it in. I have been warned by checkers that it’s a little hard, but just this side of safe.

I bought it when I was a newbie and entranced by the promise of a stab-safe rapier (no, you can’t stab in Empire, don’t even ask) and I don’t really regret it. This is a back-up sword for me; it was over £100, but it’s lasted almost four years and lots of mishaps, IIRC.

At E3 last year, I tried a couple of rapiers and the balance was just perfect on them. They were light and fast and… look, just grab £80-90 in cash and go visit the vendors before time-in so you can try out the swords and find what works for you. If it fails weapons-check, they will almost certainly give you an exchange or refund. No P&P, no stress, no worrying about whether a sword made for Canadian systems can pass a UK weapons check.


The Calimacil were the ones I was looking at actually. Good to know that it won’t be failed at weapon checks which is what worried me into asking in the first place.

Hmm… I never said it would pass, just that it has not failed one so far. At least two weapons checkers have warned me about the firmness of the foam (ignore idiots who say it is injection moulded; it’s not) and one even went for a second opinion before passing it. Of note is that Calimacil swords apparently get far firmer when they are cold and I have always been lucky enough to visit weapons check on a warm day.

Buying at the event is big and clever and even I am looking to buy a new non-Calimacil rapier because (as I said) there are some rapiers with far nicer balance out there. My Agrippa is good as a backup sword which can survive being stomped into wet mud, dug back up and wiped down before the next battle.

Gotcha. Well hopefully my luck holds out as well. How sturdy they are does sound good though. Still, I do want to look into getting something more well balanced like you have been saying.

I have seen a Calimacil fail weapons check because of the overall hardness of the weapon. The player in question had used the weapon in a system overseas just fine, but British systems in general like their weapons squashier.

There is plenty of choice on the field, from super-light to hilt-weighted. You’ll find something. :slight_smile:

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What in particular appeals about a rapier?

The quick and sleek style I guess. I figured it would best fit the character I am putting together.

Alright. Thank you for the heads up there.

Quick and sleek weapons are a lot of fun, are you going League?

Mike Light (Light Armouries)
Tallows FX
Skian Mhor
…all of the above make good quality weapons including rapiers. There are some significant differences between them. Try them out.
Oh, and I’ve had a Medlock basket-hilt sword (sort of rapier-like) for about ten years and it’s not yet needed any repairs.

Yep. Putting together a bravo kit. I’ve got a smaller sword set but the longer one is what I’m looking at rapiers for.

Thank you for the list. I definitely like the looks of some of these.

I’d recommend checking out the League Facebook group if you haven’t already!

I’ve been ghosting but I don’t know if I should join considering I might not be able to go for a while.