Questions on creating & publishing IC books

Hi there, please could someone fill me in on the logistics of creating & selling IC books at Empire?

I have been to 1 event so far and know people can peddle their literature for IC coin. I visited Anvil Library, and I gather there are numerous publication houses that sell books. I intend to explore that more IC at a future event, but I would like to know a bit more about the OC process in the meantime. So…

  • Do people start by bringing copies of their work to sell, and then get talking to a publication house/library about selling their work through there?

  • Or do you need to submit your work for approval somewhere before you commit to making copies and bringing them to a publisher?

What else should I know? I’m fascinated by the whole thing.

There isn’t really an OOC process, as far as I know.

You can make, and distribute, whatever you want… whether it is heretical, or accusatory, or completely false…

…however, it’s a good idea to run something past the plot team, I suspect. To avoid discussion of some of the themes we are trying to avoid in setting (Rape, torture, child abuse, etc), and to avoid putting into play and discussion things which are against the setting, such as:

-definitive proof of deities
-large herds of horses just over that mountain range
-and the like…

Assuming you have something like such, the only reason I can see to involve an IC publishing house is if you want to associate them with your stuff. For example, if you were publishing a potted history of the League cities, you may well find it cool to chat (OOC) to one of the groups that runs IC publications (such as the newspapers) to stick their logo on your stuff… so you can claim “Printed by…”, and they can wave it around as “another of our fine works!”, and it’ll be tied a little more into the setting.

That said if you want to make an IC thing of it, going to a publishing house during the game with a manuscript and a contract seems like a fun little story…


Thank you! That’s solved some mysteries for me

Something I’ve been wondering myself is about digital versions of IC writing. I’ve been planning to distribute physical copies at an event but I also thought I’d make online copies for people who can’t or don’t want to carry around what I’ve printed out. One thing I wasn’t sure about was if I’d be allowed to post a link to IC writing before an event, or if it would be more in the spirit of play to get people interested on the field and only then make an online version available.

In general, stuff in a field generates game in the field, and that’s the overriding goal of the Empire rules. :slight_smile: So yes, I would say keep it for in the field if you can.


Thank you!
Do you think it’d be acceptable to make online copies available after the fact, so long as initial distribution and attention raising is done in the field? The way I was thinking of doing it was phrasing it IC as ‘if you want a copy mailed to you once you’ve left Anvil, give me X rings for the costs’, and then either providing a URL or making note of who wanted copies and sending them a link in some way. Part of my reason being that I don’t want to go bankrupt on printer ink and might run out of physical copies to distribute, but that way I could keep the distribution limited to those who’ve purchased IC, rather than making like a great big facebook post or something and leaning too heavily on OC attention.

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You can’t really charge IC for things that will be done electronically. You could take orders for reprints and bring them to next event.

The Anvil Library has some arrangement for doing reprints so it might be worth talking to them also.

It is also worth talking to a print shop, and seeing if they can run off several copies of your pamphlet. I did that myself for a multi-page song book, had it laser printed onto slightly glossy paper so it was more weather proof and it worked out very reasonable, much more durable and a lot cheaper than I could do it at home myself.

People sometimes release an electronic copy on here or on facebook a year after it appears on the field, if the info is of historical interest.


One good example of how people have gone about it is the Anvil Almanac

They created their own publishing house to host all the publications the House of Seven Mirrors put together for the game.

Most people self publish their stuff as that way they don’t need to split the “profits” with anyone :slight_smile: But if that’s not as important and you’d like the fun of finding someone in this business and persuading them to publish your stuff then go for it :slight_smile:

I’m not sure the plot team has the time to check publications for accuracy to the setting, but have a good read of the wiki, especially this page has some important points to remember about the background -

I can also give the thumbs up to talking to a Print Shop to take the pain out of self publishing, they can probably print it quicker and cheaper than you can :slight_smile:.

Also I agree with @LauraH it’s generally best to keep things on the field, also our online rules say Don’t Post IC Conversations or Contentious Statements, so if what you’re saying could start an argument IC (and I can recommend this) you need to keep it on the field.

Best of luck with your career in publishing :slight_smile:

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