Quick question - fleurs de lys

Is the Fleur de Lys a motif which is used in Empire? If so, do they have a special meaning or significance? Or are they preferred in any particular nation/conclave order/synod assembly/whatever?

Just wondering: I’m doing some slashing for a doublet and am pondering what motifs to use.

Fleur de lys pop up in 3 articles on the wiki, two of which are linked to the Eternal known as Callidus.

Power, Corruption, and Lies


Praise of Tontines

I think you may also see the Flur de Lys in some Dawnish kit because of their association with flowers, but I haven’t found an example I can post for you.



I’ve definitely seen fleur-de-lis on the field, a couple of times in Dawn and at least once in the League - they’ve always been relatively small though, normally as part of a pattern rather than a main focus or motif.

As Kai says, they have a link to the Eternal Callidus (over all three of the pages), so that’s worth keeping in mind (even if nobody brings it up, it’s good to be know!).


Good to know! My daughter will probably be wearing her blue Tudor princess dress since it’s a lovely blue, and feels suitable for the League, but it does have a fleur de Lys motif on the front panel.