Rebalancing weapon

I’ve got a weapon thats weighted far too forward for my liking. What would people reccomend to rebalanced it. Links to specific materials would be useful too.

Are you looking for pre- or post-latex options?

It’s fully made. Working out how to add weight to the hilt. I’m thinking some for of wire at the base of the hilt.

How extreme are we talking? Part of the problem here is that the handling is not just a simple matter of the balance point; if your blade is basically a boulder, adding another boulder to the pommel won’t help. Odds are good that it’ll just end up hitting harder than you’d like.

If it is a smaller issue, you can adjust most easily by altering some points in how you use the weapon (I have no idea how you move, so maybe you are already doing this?) to lead the movements from hips and shoulder rather than wrist. That effectively shifts the balance point of the weapon by shifting it within your body.

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It’s a 42 inch mage rod and the balance point is about 11 inches forward of the grip. I can use it I just find it a little unwieldy and looking at ways to make it easier to use.

Can you post an image?

Tim is correct - adding weight to the handle won’t by itself do anything to make the weapon more wieldy. If you want to try it anyway, most larp weapons are weighted with lead - you can unwrap the handle and put some solder or lead sheet into it, then wrap the leather back up.

With a fully latexed weapon, there’s not much you can do, particularly since there’s nothing on the end to hold an add-on weight.