Recharging uses of 1 per day

I have a vague recollection that some “chamber of x” have benefits of recharging one-per-day use items [item x that allows you one casting of ‘y’ per day] etc. However, I cannot find them anymore - did I dream this, was I labouring under a false idea or do these chambers/areas exist? I thought it was chamber of delights… with certain items but unsure now… Please help a tired naga…!

Chamber of Delights/Pallas allow you to recharge personal mana if that’s what you were thinking of?

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This works the other way around.

Magical auras generally refresh all lost personal mana - e.g.

Some daily use based spells/items will have their uses refreshed if you refresh all mana - e.g.'s_Fire

The reason it’s implemented this way around is it means we don’t have to specifically exclude any of them when writing a new spell.


Thank you Kargur for replying and Tea for pointing another ritual that I may have become confused with. To clarify then my op: Are there any items that, if you recharge your personal mana, you also regain your use of - eg rod of quiet word?

Not that I know of offhand - in general, recharging item uses is very difficult. There’s an Autumn Ritual to recharge a Biting Blade but that’s literally the only one I can think of in the game, unless we changed the rules again while I wasn’t looking.


Thanks Tea - must have imagined it - though I’ve been saying I had renewable rod [snigger] due to my chamber of delights - innuendo not intended but, well, snigger…