Refreshing our Memories part 3 The Hearth Magic Part one Runes

This is part one of the collected posts from the Facebook group. With some corrections and pretty links to make it easier for people to this the first time.

Refreshing our memories Day 4: Hearth magic (Part one - Runes)

Hearth magic is one of the biggest we can reinforce culture and superstition IMO. They’re for everyone in day to day life just like we have little RL things we don’t think about . Discuss in the comments EDIT: Feel free to post examples of your Runes as well, there are some cool ones already posted

Part 1: Runes

In addition to being used by magicians, the runes are a widespread and popular hearth magic. A baker might bake the rune of plenty into the crust of a loaf of bread, while a farmer might scratch the rune of fertility onto the handle of their plow. The runes do not have discernible game effect when used in this way, but within the setting the baker’s loaf might last a little longer, and the farmer’s field might be a little less prone to pests.

The 27 Runes of Wintermark

Remembering the Runes.
It’s difficult to remember all the runes, and for some characters you don’t have to remember all the runes, just the ones you will be using in game. Suggestions on remembering the Runes are noted in a small book, or playing cards. small Books can be useful for containing spell vocals for mages as well.


  • Putting Runes on stuff is big and clever. Cavul the Rune of Purity onto plates cups etc. if you’re in a paper plate at the IC traders for OC money. scratch Cavul into the plate with your knife or fork. Add a tag to any kit with the appropriate Rune, so with Waterskins a Cavul rune of Purity to stop the water going brackish. Someone wanting to protect something, will use runes such as Diras - Rune of Secrets especially on a Winterfolk Bird pouch worn around the neck. You could add the Rune of Blood Rhyv to your healing potion pouch, it being the common Rune for healing.
  • When going to battle mark yourself with the Runes Jotra, Tykonus, Feresh and/or Verys because you’re a big dam hero and you’re going to win. You can these Runes in any situation where you feel there is conflict, such as a political arena. Jotra is also the Rune of Courage so you could mark yourself with it with fake blood representing the blood of the Sermer Salmon which is a symbol of Courage to the Winterfolk, particularly the Suaq.
  • When going to meetings, or places where you need to dominate or establish plans. use the Rune of plots, Queros and the Rune of Dominion Hirmok. You can also use the Runes for battle above or even Diras the Rune of Secrets as well or the Rune of Discovery Sular.
  • When making deals, mark the Contract with the Lann Rune of Bargains and Pallas Rune of Wealth.
  • Marking Runes. You can paint on Runes or if you want use quick runes just use hand jestures. Such as the Rune of Disaster Mawrig for someone you wish ill upon, which would be three diagonal slashes with the hand. Or when doing a healing spell use Rhyv and make curving downward slash and two points to signify the rune.
  • Graffiti While of course take care to avoid damaging peoples kit, sets or tents Marking places or leaving cards (or Coins!) with the Runes of Mawrig to wish them ill or use Kyrop Rune of Weakness and Pallas Rune of Wealth, which means greedy aka Maggot. Or use Kyrop Rune of Weakness and The Mystic Runes, Gralm Rune of Destiny and Ull which represent Skein. Used together with Kyrop, these Runes would mean that person has Frayed their Skein
  • Runes are commonly used in religion each of the Virtue having a different meaning in the Imperial Faith