Relationships between trading ports?

So, I’ve recently swapped over to a fleet and need to choose a port to trade with. Can I find information on the likelihood of me receiving all the materials I set out to gain from trading?

Port production by Fleet Rank.
Note that some ports are closed and other ports have various effects (both mechanical and political) that may influence your choice. Be sure to read through the winds of fortune to find out about them.


Do you know where I can find the information about a specific port I have in mind?

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Not a consolidated list no, I’m afraid. Most of them are in this wind, i think, Foreign diplomacy

So is it common to “guess” then hope that the winds carry good fortune?

There’s rarely a huge change in what can be gathered from the ports. Existing effects pop up every time you assign a fleet to that port, during downtime.

As with many things, you set sail and hope that there’s still a port at the end of it :slight_smile:

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There’s a lot you can do on the field to keep informed about this stuff, talk to the Ambassadors and your nation’s Senators about the various things going through Senate that might affect foreign relations. You also might want to talk to a friendly priest about anything happening in the Synod that might affect them too.

I believe, and I’m not a fleet owner, that the winds effect the season after the upcoming event assuming that players have not radically altered the situation.

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PD are typically very good at catching these as the DT effecting things that happen after an event, that impact on downtime.

here is a list of the various ports, what you will get and a rough estimate of the value of the received goods.

It isn’t updated for the most recent WoF, but that wont be an issue until the next downtime.

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So. Looking at the most recent wind of time I’ve chosen nemoria. Is this on your list?

Nemoria is the trading port of the Asavean Archipeligo. So yes.

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Cheers. Still very much new to being in control of a fleet

you change your port, each event in DT…sticking to one port may have issues due to the politics of the world

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Thank you. I think once I try it out at the next event I’ll get the hang of it.