Repeating crossbow

Would it be ok to bring to Empire a repeating crossbow?

Hopefully I will make a cartridge with 20 bolts in. All checked and safety done!

Would love to carry five cartridges and be a badass IMAPLEing enemies on the field.

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I’ve no idea about the rules or whether it fits Empire but I sure as would love to see pictures of a 20 bolt cartridge repeating crossbow

Email it in. This forum isn’t the official refcall medium.

You want I believe.

Uneducated guess based on the call for a double-shot crossbow a friend owns: if it’s safe you can use it but you can’t use its repeating capabilities and should instead load each shot individually; the fact that it takes time to load a crossbow is part of the game balance, and for example being able to shoot someone and then shoot their mate who comes charging at you thinking it’ll take a few seconds before you can shoot them unbalances the way archery is meant to be fitting into the game.

But that’s not in any way your official call, I’m just a player, and you should email in for an official answer.

I believe the consistent call so far has been that repeating and other multi-shot crossbows can only be operated as single-shot weapons, manually loaded between each shot.

You should, however, email in.