Resource Emblems

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to complete a project of resource pouches. Each pouch should correspond to a resource.

As each resource has an emblem, I am looking to find clear images of them so I can carve them onto the leather.

I have been able to make out the emblems clearly from the PD website - however, three are unclear to me. So I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to display or send me images of the ones I can’t make out.

The ones I’m after are Ambergelt, Dragonbone, and Tempest Jade.

If anyone has them knocking about and wouldn’t mind uploading a photo for me, I’d be very much obliged.

Dragonbone is a stylised dragon head I believe. Ambergelt should be a wasp. I think Tempest Jade is a lightning bolt.

I don’t have any physreps in front of me unfortunately, but I’m going off Kate Lee’s original art designs from the LRP artgroup. Let me see if I can post them

Hopefully someone can confirm tempest jade.

Many thanks for that Mr Rafferty, just the ticket.

This is making for a great first leather carving project :slight_smile: And to think, before Empire all I did was play computer games. Pfft.