Ride Share/Potential lift


Hey everyone, hope you’re all looking forward to he Autumn Equinox.

It is my first time going to a LARP event and i am meeting some friends there. I am a student in Sheffield and wanted to know if there is anyone who might be able to pick up/ drop off a friendly student in need? Train prices are somewhat extortionate and i am happy to contribute petrol money, good chat and maybe good tunes if you let me on the aux haha! I am really keen to try LARP but a student budget is not known to stretch far :frowning:

Thanks very much, and hopefully I hear from someone,

David King


Hi David,

Can’t help you unfortunately but there is a dedicated Facebook group for this called Empire LRP: Travel Arrangements i’d recommend posting there and see if you can stir anything up!


Ahh, I was not aware of this. Probably should’ve found out about that sort of thing first haha! Thank you very much!


That’s what we’re here for! If you get super stuck potentially ask on your national Facebook board also as not everyone will see the travel arrangements group


maybe someone should make an empire uber app.