Rod question

Hi all,

I’ll be joining with a small group from Oxfordshire in September (COVID measures allowing) as a Magician/Artisan

I’m thinking of one of my artisans items being a Witches Hammer which is a Rod. It says a rod cannot look like a weapon. I’m cool with that but would a non-weapon hammer (foam artisan prop from LarpInn) be acceptable or look too much like a weapon?

Thanks for your help in advance and can’t wait to meet you all!

As in, a tool-sized hammer, rather than a warhammer?

I don’t think it will, but I think it would be better to email to get a decision before you spend money on it.

Ultimately although it needs to not look like a RL weapon, it will still need to pass weapons check, and for that you will need to have a weapon with a core that can be used in combat, and I doubt a foam prop would fulfil that. I have a non-cored knife that I cannot use on the battlefield, but use as a pretty prop in other contexts.

It also falls foul of this rule:

  • Must be a safe phys-rep of a wand, rod or staff


Sorry, that post came across quite bluntly! I also meant to say: hello, and welcome! Always good to have new folks, and I hope we can find you an implement that suits your group aesthetic as well as being something practical that gets you through the rules. :slight_smile:


That’s fine it didn’t come across as blunt. I’m gonna go simple and just go for my wand for now.

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Good call. The key thing for an Implement is “looking like a wizard stick”. As above

Must be a safe phys-rep of a wand, rod or staff.

Is a blacksmith’s hammer a wand, a rod, or a staff? No. It’s a tool designed to hit objects with. Whereas in the setting, an implement is a tool designed to slap magic into people with.

The reason it can’t look like a weapon is basically to give some difference between a “rod” and a “mace”. Implements are Gandalf’s staff, or a walking stick, or some wierd mushroom-covered branch.

For some good “Smith magic” stuff, try the Runesmith’s Gavel description. The example is basically “a prybar with runes all over it”. Where it succeeds as an Implement is “long thin thing covered in wizard symbols”.

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Hammers are tricky things within the rules, because pretty much anything with a big knob on the end is effectively a hammer, so it’s very hard to make a hammer look like anything except a hammer no matter how fancy you make it!

That said, thanks to this thread I now know of the existence of sugar hammers, which are gorgeous things and great inspiration for ‘How do I make this a really fancy stick?’, see here:

The flanges wouldn’t be practical on a larp weapon, but trim them right back and you have a very fine object.