Searching for IC Publications

Wasn’t really sure where to put this so feel free to move it.

I am interested to know what IC publications (books, pamplets, philosophical tomes) there are out on the field or that people are able to make as I’d like to buy one.

Happy to deal with bartering and actual purchase on the field IC but asking here so I can make sure there are options available.

There’s at least two newspapers, a fashion magazine, a research periodical from the Unfettered Mind, religious pamphlets, political pamphlets, bound collections of various lores and songbooks. I’m sure there’s plenty more and room for yet more.

Tons of them, you should be able to find people toting their wares around site or by looking at the noticeboards. Some grubby oiks might even thrust pamflets for free into your hands if you don’t move quickly enough, but I’m sure if you just run past those particular Highguard priests you’ll escape :slight_smile:.

Holt Hyrde have got books of potions, artisan resources, novels, fleet port wares…all sorts! Printed, bound in leather and ready for sale!

Nanook especially has at least three novels that she has several copies of and these sell for a throne a piece usually but I think she’s having a sale at the May event. Feel free to drop by.

Holt Hyrde, Wintermark! Green banner, three white rings with three white trees growing out of them.