Second resources

hiya folks, i’ve heard its possible to own a second resource, it costs 10 rare materials to build depending on the rescource (i hope this is true and im not making it up) i was just wondering how i’d go about it, are there any roleplaying necessities? do i need permission from someone high up IC/OC.

just incase it matters I’m Freeborn, currently own a fleet, would like to own a mana site too, i dont belong to a family, sect, coven or any other such group, it’s just me.

thanks in advance.

Someone has been telling you nonsense.


Are you maybe thinking of a Sinecure? They are expensive but a worthy goal.


You can only operate one resource.

You can also be appointed to operate a sinecure, they are assigned by various different mechanisms, depending on what the sinecure does, who built it, how voting works in that nation, and which imperial organisation is responsible for it (national assembly, senate, bourse etc). Some sinecures also have rules on what has to be done with any resources gained.
Sinecures are expensive to build, the Empire has a limited number of things it can build at any one time, and many of the positions are for life.
Deciding to get one would be an excellent in game ambition for your character though!!

More info here, including the list of current sinecures and who appoints them.

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Yup you can hold Sinecures and Ministries in addition to your resource as they’re usually attached to a title.

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Wonderful, it’s all very confusing for a newbie like myself, so far I’m playing young captain of a growing fleet travelling, trading and trying to get rich, I’ll have a chat with the Brass coast egregor next event, and find out more about whats going on in the world because I’m more then happy to help my nation.

If you have any questions about the brass coast, I may be able to help you out a bit. As the owner of a fleet, it would also be a good idea to listen out for things happening in conclave. Last time there was a reduction in cost for golden voyage if you a fleet owner took it to a certain place to fight the Grendel.

Yeah, pretty sure it’s sinecure you’re thinking of. The “rare resources” are Bourse resources, which cost multiple thrones each, so it’s seriously not cheap, and I believe a Senate motion to construct it. It also counts as an Imperial title to hold one.

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From what I understand from, it is possible for your character to control more than one resource. There’s a difference between:

  • a personal resource, which is the thing you choose at character creation like a forest, a fleet, a military unit, a congregation. You can only have one of these at once.
  • a campaign resource, which you might be assigned in play.

As that page mentions, some of those are attached to Imperial titles, of which you can have only one at any one time.

Some of them, however, aren’t. I don’t know how common that is, but there’s an example on that wiki page I linked to of one that isn’t linked to an Imperial title.

(Source: my character has a Congregation as her personal resource, which I took at character creation, and an extra bonus business as a campaign resource, which the character was given control of in play, and is not connected to the Imperial title that she also has.

EDIT: The extra bonus business is apparently a sinecure that is not attached to any imperial title, which is neat! I went and checked on my character profile.

Her Imperial title doesn’t have any campaign resource connected to it that I know of, unless someone’s going to tell me that business is now attached to the title, which wouldn’t surprise me… :slight_smile: )

I had a campaign resource for a bit, but it was instead of a personal resource, so maybe it varies.

Hi qayid.

So as others have mentioned the thing your talking about is a sinicure.

So the process to getting one is long hard but not very complicated.

Firstly you need to decide what you want it to do. Depending on which bourse resource you use you’ll get a certain thing. If it’s mana your after you’ll need 10 Wain’s of Mithril minimum and 2 crown’s per wain. A hefty sum to say the least (without going into details if your going of just the income of you resource and your crap at trading it’s going to take 23 events of income to pay for it all)

So get trading.

It’s X time later you’ve got the Wain’s and thecash now you need it built. Your going to have to find a senator for this. You then need to convince the senator to use a motion to bring it up.

They have two of these per event. Good luck convincing them to use it for the sincure. And they need some to second it.

Ok so you’ve got the cash, the moxy and a senator is willing to spend one of this two motion’s and Thier best buddy ready to back them up. Time to put forward a comission.

Now those two senators having raised the motion need to get it past the rest of the senate. As in the majority of them need to vote for it. This is probably the biggest hurdle of the entire process. Why you ask? allow me to explain. See the empire can only comission 10 (plus 3 more through wayleaves more on that shortly) new things each event.

Each army, great work, spy network, fortress, trade post, magical college or statue requires one of these slots. To say completion is fierce would be an understatement.

If you have the money however (see a similar amount to what you spent to get the resources themselves) you might be able to buy an imperial wayleaf at the bourse action

Oops dodgy internet lost half my answer stand by

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Part 2

So the imperial Wayleave is a method of getting something built without consulting the senate. They alao don’t count towards the comissions limit. There are 3 in the field. 2 are sold at auction and one is owned by the imperial orcs. Competition for these is somewhat apocalyptic.

So you’ve gotten it past the senate. It’s being built you pop the resources and money into your pack and come the next event it should be built. You’ll need to send PD a description of your new sincure. A “really big mana site” won’t cut it. Read the sincure page for inspiration.

So it’s built but the journey isn’t over yet. You need to get this new Imperial title allocation to you. Which requires a senate motion. Arnt sincures fun.

So that’s the main method.
There are shortcuts however.

Firstly you could win one. Thiers a few out there that get given to the winner of a competition. Give the sincure page a read to find out more.

Secondly every so now and then there will be on for sale in the bourse auctions. Less hastle than building one from scratch but undoubtedly more expensive.

And lastly finding one without an owner and convincing the senate to give it to you (more motion’s)

So that’s it. Your now proud owner of the equivalent of a second personal resource. Untill your character dies, gets excommunicated or sets it aside for a different imperial title (you can only have one).


As a minor correction, each senator only gets to propose a single senate motion for each event. They also get to second a single motion each event. To get a motion into senate you need one senator to propose it, then another senator to second it.


Blimey beeswax they only get 2 per event? I’ll go in and edit

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thank you so much for all of this info, this is exactly what i needed, sounds like alot of work and alot of fun, as i’m still learning the game i can amount the mithril whilst i learn hopefully, again thank you very much.


If you’re interested In a mana site sinecure then the Arcane Architect may be a better choice then a senator.
As they specialise in building mana sites. As they said it’d cost money plus 10 rare resource but would give a position/hat you’d need to get voted/given. But should give a choice.


ok cool, so how do i go about this? and what is it exactly?

A Sinecure is an Imperial title with a fixed income, so provides a kind of ‘secondary resource’. See more information and costs of them here

To get your own mana site built then rather than using the Arcane Architect then your best bet is probably:

  • Locate the Arcane Architect (called Vitore, a League Gentleman I believe)
  • Inform them you want to build a mana sinecure
  • Gather any resources you need (10 Wains and 216 Rings for the most Basic)
  • Have the Arcane Architect build it (Will need your on fluff/location for the site)
  • Wait for the resource to be built
  • Once built Pass a Declartion of Candicy in Conclave to get voted in as the Corresponding Imperial title with the corresponding Resource.

Basically your best bet will be to go talk to the Arcane Architect in field, he normally hangs around conclave, and he’ll be able to tell you more from their. But that’s probably the first step the rest is an outline.