Seeking Realm Magic Expertise

Looking at building my backup character, very interested in specialising into realm and ritual magic.

So, realm experts and ritualists here, can you tell me what’s good about your realm?

I can tell you a broad idea of all the realms but I haven’t specialised yet.

Day: This is all about organisation, logic and cold hard facts. What you see is what you get and if you are looking for knowledge, this is perfect. I think of an aloof mathematician when I think of day, someone who gain pleasure from perfecting their skills at something lots of people might see as a little bit dry. It also fits fairly well with the urizen brief. You will get a lot of rituals for finding things out and quite a few about improving your magical abilities by either adding to them or increasing them.

Night: This is the opposite. Nothing is what it seems. Here your emotions rule. You will gain knowledge but it will be unclear. I think of a musician who likes to party when I think of night, someone who is willing to be creative to liven things up and is always willing to share their emotions. You will get a lot of rituals about hiding things and somethings about revealing bits of things. You will also get a few curses.

Summer: This is all about grandeur. Everything is over the top, the highs and the lows. When I think of day, I think of a bipolar king. When he is at his height, he can have what ever he wants and throw lavish parties and achieve many great things but when he is at his lowest he can cause terrible destruction and bring everyone down. It is quite on brief with dawn. You will get a lot of rituals about empowering individuals and changing the tides of battle with big things from armies to fortress to powerful magical effects.

Winter: This is all about hanging on. It looks at surviving but you must always consider the cost. I think of a grizzled veteran when I think of winter. He’s learnt much over the years and has managed to get through but his body is now weak and breaking and he has lost so much. You will get curses based around very primal things like fear, hunger, thirst. You will also get rituals that look to boost your constitution to survive through a battle or something. There is almost always a cost.

Autumn: This is all about society, the greater bond between a large group of people and how they are all connected. It is about doing a few small things to make bigger things happen. I think of a town when I think of autumn. They will trade, travel and craft to improve their own lives but they are willing to be a bit selfish about it. Communication, movement and change are usually what the rituals focus on. Bit of it is on brief with the league and the brass coast.

Spring: This is all about a cycle, of life and death, of chaos yet a strange kind of balance. This is all about what nature can do for you but also what it can take from you. I think of some mythical snake with deadly poison, yet as a child, hunting a large moose. There is a chance that one will die for the other to live and when there is a fight, it is likely to be blunt and maybe a bit confused due to inexperience. There are lots of rituals about healing and poison. It is probably quite on brief with navarr.

From an outside perspective, Night and Winter seem bad. They have quite a few negative connotations but you don’t have to let that influence you. All the others may seem fairly nice on the surface but there is some terrible things that happen with them if you look closer.

May I ask what kind of character you are looking at playing? That may change which realm you choose.

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Day: Nerd magic. What it does best is let you know things, but it doesn’t do imagination. It has some fairly useful minor combat powers too, and makes wizards better at wizarding. Its strategic ritual makes armies better at taking land but not at killing enemies.

Night: Dream magic. What it does best is have fun - it doesn’t really do direct confrontation. It has some fun curses too. It also gives you extra hero points. There are a bunch of night rituals to learn things, too, but they generally give feelings rather than information. There’s a high-level ritual to create a panacea that will cure any ill. Its strategic ritual turns a swamp region into a defensive fortress.

Summer: Fighty magic. What it does best is get up in people’s grill and break them. It can also improve a priest’s ability to do what they do, and it can improve your military unit as well as you. Its strategic rituals summon three thousand badass knights to aid an army, or turn a mountainous region into a gleaming crystal castle full of fell-handed giants.

Autumn: Trade magic. What it does best is mess with economics. It also has some pretty reasonable spells for assisting fighters. Its strategic rituals assist an army in resupplying, and help small military units better assist an army on campaign.

Winter: Vindictive magic. What it does best is curses. There are also a bunch of winter rituals to ward places, including keeping Peter Rabbit out of your herb garden. Its strategic rituals summon a thousand creepy zombies for a year, or NUKE THE SHIT out of a territory.

Spring: Life and weather magic. What it does best is healing. There are also a bunch of Spring rituals to buff people in combat or assist with piracy or raiding. It also has a bunch of hard-to-deploy rituals that conjure various sorts of natural disaster, with the top of that tree (ah-ha) being a ritual that infests a territory with murderous vegetation, and it’s got a ritual to turn a forest into a defensive fortress.


So there are two broad ways to do rituals, have friends or as a solo character. The former depends on nation and I’d be personally willing to comprimise favorite realm, to hang out with a group of people you get on with who actually cast things. Obviously this is harder to make as a back up (other than the gen with just Apprentice Build :stuck_out_tongue:)

So Soloable ritual magic let’s look at the rituals that a Lore 3 ritualist can cast solo (Magnitude 2 to 8) in each Realm:

  • Spring - Rituals for repair limb and heal (although battlefield healing ritualist really requires confidence to pull off), many of the rituals the other ones are highly circumstantial (or probably should be below the abstraction layer). Has some weird combat buffs, buffs MU for raiding(which might be more useful than it was,) and the start of the farm cycle. It’s probably mainly worth it if you want to be a battlefield healing ritualist.

  • Summer - Nine very solid combat buffs, although it’s not great at anything that isn’t to do with fighting. Minor MU buff, second ritual of the farm cycle, and send Meraud fanmail. Ritualised remove weakness, but that’s really situational, and there is less incentive for you to go into battle. It’s probably the best realm for I want to make my fighty mates better,

  • Autumn - A wide array of nineteen cheap rituals, although many are very circumstantial (it competes with spring for low level rituals that I wonder who casts them). Autumn is the BEST rank 1 solo build, with two political support rituals (Arcane Mark, and Winged Messenger.) Has a business Fleet and Congregation buff, and ritualised Mend. Scrivener’s Bloodmark is a really interesting curse, and Hand of the Maker lets you get stories from items. Also heroic entangle which is an interesting buff. It has some really cool politically themed powers.

  • Winter - Low level winter has some really good tools for dealing with threats although many of these are quite circumstantial, curse analysis, item destruction, corpse ID, temporarily seal a portal and ritualised break all bonds (which is useful for really specific problems.) Has the cheapest offensive curse in Imperial Lore, as well as the probably more fun Traitor’s Fate (lets two people impale each other). Also the buff for herb gardens. Winter is a good proactive seeking out threats realm, when it’s good it’s really fun, but expect to go events without hitting things to deal with.

  • Day - Winter’s less creepy cousin, again the best solo stuff is investigative divination, but Days are a little more common. Analyse unknown magical effects, the amazing Skein of years (find items history). Ritualised remove venom (which is occasionally needed in Anvil) and detect magic. It lets you teach spells you know to other mages, and give a Cleave.

  • Night - So you can solo most of Night at rank 3, with 22 rituals. Night 3 gives you Unfettered Anarchy, which is an amazing curse. It has some great party effects with lineage switching or magical horse dreams. Signs and Potents which while unfocusable is a lovely divination effect. There are some secrecy rituals as well, and Embrace the Living Flame which is a really versatile combat buff. Recommended, if you want to party or curse people.


Or more tounge in cheek solo guide:

Spring: I want to heal people but in the slowest way possible, at the most risk to myself
Summer: I have mates who all fight and I want to be their Anvil based Cheerleader.
Autumn: I mostly want to do insert politics that doesn’t require a skill but would like to feel magical occasionally
Winter: I want to be creepy and search for problems
Night: I want reliable easy Magical fun
Day: I want to be Nerdy and search for problems


Thank you thats a very detailed description :slight_smile:

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Short and sweet, thank you for your input, it helps :smiley:

I am unlikely to be solo as the best rituals and larping experience I’ve found comes from group activity but I like your tongue in cheek guides.

Winter, Night and Day especially stand out for me there.

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For my next character I was originally looking at a “cthulu cultist” and then thinking of how to convert that into the game with less heresy.

I came to the idea that - knowledge is power, give me all the magic items, bit weird, bit secretive.

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No problem. I have to know a bit about each realm because I do arcane projections (try and create new rituals). It is something I’ve been doing for two events now.

I’ve just seen that you want to play a ‘Cthulhu cultist’. This is sort of possible. There are various eternals that have been embargoed by the empire and are considered bad. The main one is wendigo, a winter eternal who is all about horrible choices, selfishness and cannibalism.

From what you want, it seems night might be the best realm for you or a mixture of night and day. With night, even though it is about secrets, you can still get some knowledge from it in a round about way and you can certainly control it in one way or another.

Magic items however are a completely different thing. If you want magical items you will need an artisan or you will need to get them through plot. I’m not aware of any rituals that give you magical items though you might be able to use a ritual to trade with an eternal for one.

Yeah my lack of Empire Magic info hasnt helped but its only a broad idea, I can still keep changing it.

Magic items by which I mean buying/trading/getting through non-suspicious ways and just having them. Discovering and uncovering their secrets (As I have a magic item on my current character thats a mystery and its piqued my interest to get more)

I am not totally set on “cthulu cultist” so am happy to be steered in directions experts think is right for me

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What you could do is just turn up at the event with nothing but the magician skill and then talk to the archmages (they have the big fancy staves) in conclave. I am sure most of them will be happy to tell you why their realm is good. Maybe also look around your nation and see what everyone is doing. The once you have an idea of what sounds good, spend the rest of your skill points at G.O.D.

If you are clever about, being a cultist can be a really good game for everyone. You constantly have to outsmart the law and slowly build up power and everyone has an adversary. Do it well and you will make plot happen around you. However, if you are fairly new to larping this can be quite hard. I think in the end, you need to consider what kind of game you want. Do you want a lot of rp? Do you want to be wealthy? Do you want to get into combat? Do you not really care and just want to have fun? In the end, it is up to you.

I have done the healies in the hospital for my current character, so unless plot changes that mr.mage wont do that. I am doing the trading game now, other than getting the mana I need for certain things I wont go much further than that later. Combat I do not currenlty care about, and Politics has little sway with me but I am curious to visit Conclave.

I am most intrigued about realm rituals, interacting with eternals and what magic items are (currently)

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Most magic items in the game will have a simple provencance.

Magic item is a X, made to a reasonably standard imperial schematic, by an artisan, less than a year ago.

Then there are Artefacts: Made by unknown, could be older than the Empire, could be unique.

Then there is the occasional bit of random treasure, which is probably magical…? At one point one of my PCs was offered “the figurehead’s eyes from the flagship of Emperor Barabbas” (phys-repped by a large lump of golden glass)… possibly an artefact, possibly magical in some way, certainly very valuable symbolically…


There are a few rituals that allow you to interact with eternals (usually fairly expensive I think 20 mag plus) but usually you will interact with them through their heralds who will come through into the hall of worlds now and again. You may have to enter in to some magical politics with the archamges to communicate with the heralds without them getting annoyed with you but I’m not sure about that.

Just quick thing, conclave is like synod and the senate. It is the name for the magical council meeting. The actual place it is held is called the hall of worlds and some stuff can happen there with heralds and eternals.

Welp, guess I’ll have to become archmage then create an arcane projection strong enough to tear a hole between the realms so my favourite eternal can conquer the world :fire:

Or just ask the archmage nicely. I need to read up on the conclave more

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You don’t need to be an archmage to create powerful arcane projections, if you have the lore for it, you can do it. Also there is nothing stopping the eternals from coming through other than deals or stuff about them that stops them. If the eternal can’t leave its area or doesn’t want to then you won’t see it in the hall of world, otherwise there is a chance that it will just turn up.

That was more of a joke answer, but now I can’t tell if I’m more concerned or curious at how real you consider it could be

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You’ll definitely want Day magic for this then (particularly Skein of Years); you also might want to look into some Autumn magic, not just for things like Hand of the Maker but possibly for some of the trade-based stuff.

I would be wary about going down the cultist route - it is very hard to find others if you don’t know where to look, and can lead to a brutal end very quickly. Not to say it isn’t possible, just that it requires some real tenacity and an acceptance that you can die any time.

Heralds will sometimes show up in the Hall of Worlds or out in the field - Eternals as well, though their times and aims are often a bit more specific (you can see what I mean from the previous event’s Winds of Magic, they often specify a date/time). Sometimes these meetings are just meant for an Archmage and a select few, so the best thing to do is try to make yourself useful to the Archmage(s) of whichever realm(s) you’re interested in. As far as interacting with Eternals via rituals goes, there’s a couple of low level ones that allow you to send a message or an item to a specific Eternal, and a few medium level (mag 20) that allow you to get an answer to a question, but nothing that lets you have a full sit-down conversation.

Conclave can sometimes go on a while, but if you’re interested in what’s going on magically then it’s worth attending for at least some of it. The declarations and such are posted up in the Hub beforehand, so you can go and see what’s due to be discussed and decide if it interests you.


I’ve been reading up on the Conclave today, a few Order’s stood out as interesting to me.
Unfettered Mind, Shuttered Lantern.

As for the rituals you mentioned they look like they have the same feel to the concept.

I think I stressed “cultist” too much initially, that was the general theme before I tried converting it to Empire, not looking to get executed too quickly

Thank you Triska.

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