Selling Flowers?

Hi all, just a quick one. What would be a good IC price for (imitation) flowers (ie plastic/faux flowers)?? I know a bev costs 3-5r but not sure what a good price for a flower would be, especially as its just a prop.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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I think that’s going to be an opportunity cost sort of thing - especially as event 2 is the flower festival for at least a few nations, so you may be able to charge quite high for someone who really wants a particular coloured flower.

My suggestion (from selling prop flowers as a character at a local system, though not at Empire) would be to charge what you feel you can get away with, adjust up and down as you feel people can afford / would pay, and treat the flowers as a way to have turned a bit of OC time/money expense into the experience of selling flowers and also getting a bit of IC money. :slight_smile:


I think they would be quite popular in dawn. They like their flowers there and they also like their fighting. I think having a am imitation flower would be better for combat because it isn’t as delicate so you would probably have quite a few people who are interested. I don’t know the exact meanings behind the flowers though so maybe find that out.

Ah, the exact meaning behind the flowers is subtley different for each House…

(I suspect this is so that we can have a melodramatic scene regardless of which flowers get passed around. Because diving off an emotional cliff every 5 minutes is kinda our thing :slight_smile: )

But certainly selling a few is likely a good idea, for those people who need the right colour in a hurry!

I suspect that 2 to 4 rings each is a good range to start at…


Unlike in Urizen where the flowers have simple and direct meanings, its the purpose behind the gifts that are intentionally obscured and arcane.