Shield Painting

So! I’ve just treated myself to a couple of things from Epic Armoury, one of which being this uncoated shield. I know the more utilitarian thing to do is make a shield cover that I can swap out as needed, but I’ve decided I want to paint it, if only for the project alone. I know the standard is latex paint followed by silicone spray, but I was looking around online and found this product on Larpinn. The process for using it seems pretty much identical, mixing acrylic paint with the clear version to colour before painting, and it also requires silicon spray.

I’m failing to see what’s massively different about this flexi paint as opposed to liquid latex. I’d appreciate if anyone could share their experience of using either so I can make the right choice. For example, how much can I expect the colour to differ after it has dried, and is there a specific ratio I should be aiming for when mixing in the paint? Any tips on painting EVA foam would be much appreciated!

I’ve painted epic armoury viking shield with acrylic paint and I’m going to coat the outside with epic armoury liquid latex, the acrylic paint is really absorbed by the topcoat so it appears much darker in person

Note: Didn’t know picture was upside-down when I posted xD


Looks great! So you went straight onto the foam with the acrylic?

No, They were standard, off the shelf shields with wood style finish on them, I washed the front of the shields lightly with luke warm water and washing up liquid, pat dried with paper kitchen towel, then painted, there is a really good video on youtube, I naturally let the paint dry and did four coats slowly adding more white until I got a royal blue I liked, behind the scenes:painting a larp shield by fellandfair is the video I used as a basic idea of what I wanted.

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Another video on youtube is Painting a latex weapon - Epic Armoury Unlimited, I didn’t use chemicals or sand paper as I was really worried I would wreck a expensive piece of kit or was for me at least.