I know it was answered on the now de-funked facebook group but going through that is like a minefield so in which case, what do the brass coast ships look like and for that matter the other nations? is there differences between corsair vessels and traders or are they individual to the families/captains desires.

I did find one note while dicking around on an unrealated topic. It’s about the Asavean Archipelago -

So whatever else they are, Imperial ships are likely to be sail-powered rather than man-powered. With that in mind I would guess that vessel designs suitable to 12th-14th century Europe are probably okay - but bear in mind I’m not a shipwright (I don’t even play one on TV) and I’m always more interested in what is “cool” than what is “authentic” when dealing with a fantastical world where it is common practice to use magic to enhance ships and their crews before they ever leave port …

I would like for there to be “fat bellied cogs”. But only because the description “Fat Bellied Cog” is awesome.

(Thanks Andy, will now feel confident in my description of Fat Bellied Cogs as often as possible)

I am also liking the name “fat bellied cog”.

According to the story of Zemress, she developed several improvements to hull and rigging design that were prototyped on the Krakens Bane and later incorporated into all imperial corsair vessels. I think the design of Brass Coast corsairs would be a little sleeker and faster than the majority of trading vessels as they are designed to chase and catch pirates.

Maybe something like these:

[quote=“Frederic Mercuria i Riqueza”]
Oh, won’t you launch your ship tonight,
Why wait for the first morning light?
Just take the helm and sail out
Fat-bellied cogs, you trade the oceans all world round[/quote]


differences between raiders and traders perhaps?

What, raiders are allowed to sing terrible Queen filks? :wink: