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as some of you may know in a year ill be going to empire,( ill be 14) but a problem has come up with the planning and it is that the only person who will go with me is my dad but he doesn’t want to buy clothes for it or have to play a character if he could choose he would stay in the car but I need a responsible adult on site. can anyone please give some advice or help as to how I can solve this.


First question I’d ask is how have you sold him this idea? What does he know about Empire? Have you tried to engage him in it?

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I’ve tried (he is a fellow geek like me) and he has heard about larping in collage but he never got around to do it, but whenever I ask him about empire he avoids the question (I’m not sure if this means he doesn’t like it) but he says we have ages. I know it doesn’t seem like sold it well but he doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy to go and roleplay with strangers.


Have you shown him the PD videos? You might find they ignite some spark, I think you may need to take sometime to really explain this to him this is not just about some crack pots dressing up zombies and goblins wrapped in toilet paper mummies going around killing each for no purpose. This is a game of intellect, poise and strategy.


Make talk to him about it being something for a late or early birthday. I would also let him know that most people at empire are very friendly and there will be things for him to do, everything from talking to fighting (with larp safe weapons), from drinking to magic. I would also talk to him about the academy which is basically a place that you can go and be with other children and learn a bit about the world. Some of the children there are better than some of the adults.

What nation are you going to be part of? Clothes can be quite cheap. You can get a few things from the charity shop or make them yourself with some materials.

If that all doesn’t work than maybe put it to him as a chance for him to spend some quality time with you with a chance to do some stuff on his own when you go to bed or are at the academy. PD has been around for a while, they know what they are doing with larps. If he is worried, he can always contact them.

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I’m going to be part of highgurd

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He has a general idea of what larp is and doesn’t think its absurd and out of me and him he is probably the most strategically adept beating me at most strategy games easily.


ive talked to him about what the forms have said and that there is a hole other game outside of combat and he has said that we will talk about it in the weekend.


The nice thing about highguard is if you can make a tabard, you are halfway there. I’d recommend talking to people about what they do for trousers and shirts but I think it is usually very simple stuff that you can just pick up from the shop. Other than that, I think you should be fine.

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If I might suggest:

trousers, shirt, cloak. Suggest that he spends the weekend collecting stories, songs, and interesting drinks and nibbles?

If he just wanders round playing the chronicler from the Canterbury Tales “come, tell me the story of your people/group/quest…!” he will be quite busy all weekend, and find many happy campfires etc.

Good luck!

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If it helps, tell him that there’s a fair number of people who don’t go to battle at all! I never do, and I still find I have things to keep me occupied if I want to engage with them :slight_smile:


If he has a good sense of humour me and @Triska can do an improtu performance of some delightful scripts @Triska has :star_struck:


ill see, I would say just do a performance any way you’re probably good at it, he would just be one of the crowd members.

(P.S sorry about the confusion with the how to mug 101)

btw what nation are you in (I’m guessing Varushka)

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The scripts are…ahem perhaps not for public consumption! :rofl:

I’m Varushkan, @Phoenix is a Wintermarker.

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Right got ya
I appreciate the jesture but I’ll pass

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@Triska I’m a Wintermarker who secretly wants to be a leaguer… or perhaps not so secretly hahahahhaa.

And @Mrdolphin no worries no need to apologies.


So Highguard literally has “strategy games, and betting on those, is a hugely popular pastime” in the brief. So I suggest letting your dad know the following:

  • You could happily treat Empire as an excuse to bring a chess/draughts/tafl/Go/other non-modern game set, and challenge people in the pub or run a ladder.
  • The military subgame is literally a strategy game with IC narrative. It’s well worth trying to look at or talk about.
  • You can ignore all the pre-event narrative stuff that gets sent out, I’d just search it for your territory name if you really want to.
  • Highguard kit is easy.
    • Get a set of trousers that are in dark colours and not jeans or cargo trousers.
    • Get a plain, collarless shirt of some sort.
    • Put a warmer layer over it. For Basic Highguard, you could easily get away with a long-sleeve chef’s jacket, which you can get for a tenner or so. A lot of people use that double-breasted look in Highguard.If you get it loose, you can hide a out of character fleece, jumper or thermals under it.
    • There are some easy and cheap ways to make more layers here. Drop a matching white tabard made of an old sheet over the both of you, put a belt on and nobody’ll look twice. You don’t even need to know how to sew, just iron, if you use fusible webbing.
    • For the complete Highborn look, add a cowl. This is literally just a tube of fabric. If you have a Buff or similar toque, you’re sorted! Or you can simply get a long bit of fabric, flip the end over, and stitch it to iteself to get a Moebius loop. That’s an infinity scarf, and you can wear it loads of ways. I made one out of scrap fabric I had lying about, and I’m rubbish at sewing.
  • Want jewellery? Chains are a symbol of the Virtue of Loyalty, and you can get cheap, light chain by the metre at a hardware store. Just get a karabiner or screw shackle to fasten it.

Wasa going to say the military game is HUGE stratergy game I’d certainly recommend that selling point. And being a general doesn’t mean you have to fight


While there’s a lot of advice here for getting your dad into the game, which would be ideal, there may still be an alternative if he really, really doesn’t want to play and you are unable to convince him to try it out.

Volunteering! There are various volunteer roles available for the crew which your Dad might be more willing to participate in if he’s staunchly opposed to taking part in the roleplay. You can see the currently available crew positions here:


Just for reference I’m in brass coast (defiantly one of the more elaborate costumed nations) and basically built my costume 2 weeks before the event.

Charity shops were my friend, especially those in more wealthier areas, larger variety of clothes.