Song workshop?

Does anyone want me to run a song workshop in their nation? I’ll prep and teach a load of easy-but-cool nation-specific music and bring handouts. You would make sure that enough people turned up. I can only do one per event so let me know if you want it to be you!

Do you have Wintermark specific ones ready to go?

I’m interested, and also Wintermark :slight_smile:.

I can certainly do a Wintermark one - it’s time I broke out some of the more jolly Wintermark songs anyway. Can you ensure a big enough group to make it worthwhile? - I’d aim for at least 20, that way we’ll get about 10 who actually turn up!
The best time for me would be a morning when a battle isn’t happening or an early afternoon (most days).

No sight-reading involved, all music will be taught by ear, in lovely harmony.

I put a bit of a shout out to get an idea and we have about 10 saying they’ll do it straight off the bat so I think I can get 20 yeah

Cool, what time were you thinking? I have no idea when all the other parties/ceremonies are taking place but perhaps either Saturday after the battle or Monday morning at some point would be good? Will you keep spreading the word (at muster etc as well as on facebook?) and let me know asap when you’ve set a good time?

I’ll teach about 4-5 songs which will take about an hour or thereabouts, depending on how quickly folks learn them! :slight_smile: I’ll do a couple off the wiki plus some new ones that I’ve been meaning to get out there for Wintermark for a while.

Is there a Venue or area you would prefer? I could possibly get one of the Wintermark pubs for an hour.

Daisy how would 30 minutes or 1 hour after the Saturday battle do you? Means whether we’re monstering or fighting we have time to get back and totter over.

I’ll need longer than 30 mins to deal with battle fallout, adn loads of people will be getting lunch. How about around 3pm on Sat? In a Wintermark pub would be excellent :slight_smile: if nice weather in the central area would be great so we can attract more people with our lovely singing :smiley:

I’ll set 3pm Saturday as the time and hassle the members of the pub

Hi, most sorry I couldn’t do this due to unexpected EPIC CHARACTER DEATH! I hope it didn’t cause you any ooc hassle. If you like, I will happily run it as my new character next event instead?

There was a mid Saturday panic when netty didn’t turn up and I’d put a throne behind the bar for the session, then the angst when I realized she and so many others had died :stuck_out_tongue:

Will this be run??? I would love it. :slight_smile:

I was thinking of running a ‘come one, come all’ session in the tavern maybe if there’s interest? Would do it post-battle on the Sat, at perhaps 3.30? I would teach a variety of different songs from all over the Empire.

Yeah sweet. :slight_smile: